Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caution : Took My Own Photos

Museum of the Moving Image 

Yes, yes I do enjoy going to museums, thanks for asking and this one wasn't my first. My little brother, who is my main man, is overly obsessed with film and has been this way ever since he was 7. He is now 14 and is even more knowledgeable about film then he has ever been and it scares me. He knows stuff I don't even know and makes me watch movies all the way dated back to the 1900’s. Truthfully, it’s pretty damn cool because if it weren’t for him, I would never ever watch these movies, know directors and actors names and learn how film evolved. So cheers to him for being an awesome little bro. The whole point of this was to lead you to the reason why I went to the Museum of the Moving Image, and how interesting and fun it really was. If you’re ever in New York, you must take a trip to Queens and check it out! Being inspired with nothing that involved the museum, I don't know what made me pick this outfit out. I think it was because after I finished making my headscarf and wanted to finally wear it, I realized I have flats that matched it perfectly. BOOM. 

^^___The boys in black (brother and friends) and myself making a flip book___^^
We took up the whole screen. Too fun 
Shirt: Brandy Melville, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Libby Edelman Headscarf: My Creation 

What Does Mine Say?

FUN Tees @ Ridiculously HIGH Prices 

Now A Days, T-shirts have their own “self-expressions”. It's as if they have a mind of their own. Which is creepy, yet, they can speak for you! Which is fricken sweet, considering there are days that you want to be left alone… more like all the time. Therefore, why not display your feelings on your tatas because you know everyone is looking there anyway (KIDDING). So not true. So, as a result, here are a ton of really fabulous t-shirts I have found, with totally sick graphics, and with a totally ridiculous retail price. As if we didn't spend enough on clothes… T-shirts just added a whole new value.  And since these t-shirts are highly non- affordable, I had mixed inexpensive ones along with them below! 

FUN Tees @ Ridiculously MODERATE Prices 

I guess to retrieve "in-expensive" t-shirts, you cant get a solid picture without someone's body

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Jesus

JUST KIDDING - there angels, I think

I have yet another story here to tell you about this tank. As you can see how uniquely sewn, beaded and strung it is, how couldn't it catch your attention? Well, it caught mine on the island of Saint Maarten. Yes, this beaut was designed on the beautiful Island of the Dutch and French. While on my two-week excursion scuba diving, snorkeling, “jet ski boating” (?) Whatever that device I rode on was called, partying, and of course shopping, I found this tank in the cute little French town. I greatly appreciated the fine unique sense of art, color, shapes and sizes that were plastered on the shirt in various spots that made no sense to me; but that was probably the whole point of this shirt. Clearly, I bought it and I lalalalove, fricken love it! Paired with the Saint Maarten tank is a green/ gold fish net Free People tank, white Gap jeans, a random bracelet and Zara Wedges. 

(Saint Maarten)

Oh, there you are again baby jesus, I mean angel, I mean shirley temple. FYI, IDK WTF you are

Center Of Sneak-tention

Hello my names Nicole, What's yours? Oh Prada, Hi nice to meet you... I introduce you to my feet.


Seriously, I am not kidding, I need these sneaks. After what this brutal summer is doing to my "once was" perfect feet, I need to take coverage all winter long and let these shoes renew the beauty once again. I am having a "closed shoe" withdrawal and am thrilled about preparing to purchase a tone of comfortable and out of this world sneakers to rock and roll in NYC all winter long! Cheers to the cold bringing out these kicks! 

Life Keeps Moving On

Hello all, what another marvelous week that flew by, right? And starting this week was another challenge. What better way to start a new week off by wearing something comfortable that corresponds with the relaxing weekend I just had. I am digging this new print button down shirt I recently bought from the GAP, and these new sandals designed by Sam Edelman. And let me tell you the story behind these shorts… long story short, their MK. But to continue the story and make it longer, I literally bought these about 3 or 4 years ago and I never really wore them until now. Weirdly enough, I have been doing that all summer, breaking out the oldies and pairing them up with my newies (NOT A WORD I KNOW). But all together, this is one cozy ensemble. Tagging along with the group is my Michael Kors rose gold watch, my 14k gold chain bracelet that I never ever ever ever ever ever take off, my rose gold hamsa necklace and my rose gold Dogeared elephant my madre had bought for me for a not so special occasion, but it was during a very sentimental time in my life and I love her for everything she has done for me. 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Raining It's Pouring

And I’m taking pictures in the rain... 
smart choice  

While the day started out as everyday should; sun shining, birds chirping… it went sour within a few hours… and the STORM STARTED BREWING.  The perfect time to stay home, cuddle up and watch movies all day. You think right? But no, I’m here running around like a mad man in a skirt and heels taking pictures. Something must be mentally wrong with this picture and or me. So, while I was getting dressed I thought, “what can I wear today” or what was really going through my noodle while picking this outfit was truly, “what looks like rain drops in my closet that will mock this gloomy weather ”.  Ta-da! My skirt recapped the image of raindrops, my shirt give the impression of being a rainfall, and for my shoes… they had no meaning behind them, they just looked sexy. And to set the mood straight, I went outside as the rain stopped, grabbed my umbrella, snapped a few pictures, and of course it started to downpour with-in five minutes. This calls for the lack of photos and dramatic posing that was done while captivating these snap shots. Job Well Done, Check. 

Who wants to hear where the clothes came from: ME ME ME !!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 While jamming out to my man - A$AP Rocky, 
this beauty evolved. 

Sorry for the very long delay of such marvelous clothing, this girl got busy, but I promise, this chick is back in action. While getting inspired by music is definitely something that occurs, I am really digging this denim look. I can say, I haven’t worked my high wasted (Levis), shredded, boy looking, non-ass flattering shorts in a while, despite the fact that they DO NOT, in any shape or form flatter my BE_HIND not one bit. This is when you find something to hide that unattractive part of an outfit… if there ever is one, and surly, this one has its faults. I dig the front of these shorts 100%, but once it comes to the tush, its not OK. In this case, I paired a very light washed long denim button down shirt (GAP) over a nice white long length tank (Zara).  Hence (LONG) and as a result, it hides the hideous backside without looking like raggedy ann! Badda Bing Badda Boom! Abracadabra! Alakazam… it works like magic. Along with the denim ensemble, I balanced my new (Sam Edelman) heels, along with a chunky necklace and bracelets that I had created. See what I did here peeps?
I just cant face the fact that were making the same face, at the same time (TV) - unknowingly 

Friday, July 13, 2012


Is this post a little to late in the season? 
IDK & IDC, it has to be done. 

We all know summer is all about bright colors, minimal clothing, and lots of accessories. Beginning with big floppy hats, sunnies, jewelry, totes, sandals, shiny things, playful things (sports), yadda yadda... they’re all key items in my summer wardrobe. (Except the playful things, that's where my brothers come into play) But, my main concern is my “KEY ITEMS” for an “everyday summer day”. This is where I tell you my exciting summer “must haves” with some great pictures and many reasonings to why I NEED these things!

OK, first things first, the bathing suit. I mean, what’s summer without one, two, five, eleven, twenty of them? My must have for bathing suits: Find one that flatters your body. No matter how cute it may look on the hanger, TRY IT ON, and if it pulls you here or makes you look like a muffin there- don't buy it. There are so many that you can find that flaunt your body no matter what type of body shape you have. I tend to love ones you can mix and match but also ones that are a solid set. From top left: Just Cavalli Top & Vix Orange BottomMara Hoffman BikiniVix Fringed Top & Undrest BottomsWe Are Handsome BikiniEmamo Bottom & Zimmermann Top

Second: Sandals. During the years, these charming shoes do accumulate over time, which makes you forget what you do have, so you just buy more to replace the ones you forgot about. In that case, each year I love buying either a staple color such as a tan or black pair, just so I have a basic shoe that matches everything or a great trendy pair depending on how fricken cute they are and how much I am in need of them. For example, this past weekend I was at Bloomies and I just bought a new pair of sandals… ON SALE, who are both trendy and simple. It was a must have because they were mark down to basically nothing and I kind of already had in my mind that I was buying them. From top Left: Sam Edelman HeelsStuart Wesitzman SandalsMinimarket WedgesSee by Chloe SandalsSam Edelman SandalsMinimarket SandalsStella McCartney HeelsPour La Victoire Sandals

Third: Everyday Clothing. I mean… you have to get dressed everyday don't you? Yea you do, and for that I am talking about dresses, skirts, tees, tanks, shorts, rompers, etc etc etc. I mean, that's really to the point. You can throw on a simple dress or a pair of shorts/ skirt with a tank, tee, button down, once piece garment or everything. However you like wearing clothes is totally up to you. I have my ways and you have yours! But please remember: layer when the appropriate time is needed. From top Left: Rick Owens Cotton TankClover Canyon Printed ShortsDAY Birger et Mikkelsen JumpsuitTheory Striped Silk ShirtBoy. by Band of Outsiders Striped ShortsLanvin T-ShirtMICHAEL Michael Kors Maxi Skirt

Fourth: Accessories Muthhhaa Chukkka. I’m talking handbags, jewelry, hats and sunnies people!!! I mean, what else perfects the outfit. Big ass floppy hats (beach only), tons and tons of sunglasses (the more the merrier), neckwear, wrist wear and finger wear of all sorts of colors, bulky or non bulkiness. BAGS OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! Big totes, small clutches, beach bags, no bags. As long as you have something to put something in (going back to my pouch in “Overalling”). You can never have too much… you eventually find something to match that other something with. Too many to put in order: Rebecca Minkoff WalletThe Cambridge Satchel Company,KOTUR ClutchKate Spade New York Clutch Marc By Marc Jacobs ToteMICHAEL Micahel Kors ToteMICHAEL Michael Kors Shoulder BagBurberry Checked WristletGucci HatIllesteva Purple SunglassesAlexander Wang Black SunglassesDannijo Raffaela NecklaceDannijo Galgano NecklaceTory Burch

Last but not Least: Everything else you need, including skin products but mostly skin products. I know I cannot, in any way or form, live without my chap stick. No matter where I am, that stuff needs to be with me and if it isn’t, I go into panic mode. If da lips aint good, they aint poppi’n. But most importantly, to protect them from the sun. In that case… that's why they invented sun tan oil right, to ruin your body and keep the lips in tack? Kidding, for those who are pale use sunscreen. But anyway, I like to get some color but also not get skin cancer so my oil most definitely has at least some SPF in it. (4spf) Then of course I have my daily face/ body lotion/ wash, vitamin E, and all those other fancy shmancy things I need but don't remember I use everyday which became a daily ritual. From top Left: Aloe Skin Care ProductsVitamin E Skin Care ProtectionVaseline Coco Butter LotionEOS & Palmers Coco Butter Chap StickBanana Boat Tanning OilVitamin E Oil

 I am loving this whole summer series I got going on here

 ha ha haaaaaaa

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Other then the magnificent grin and I am making (not happening), I love this new button down shirt that I recently bought from the Gap. The picture is actually fibbing the whole look because in reality, the shirt is as long as my shorts. Which I love because you can wear it either tucked out or in. Perfecto! Anyhow, I respect a great button down and this one is amazing. It’s actually bleached a light blue that I matched up with my blue BarIII rope tied shorts, gold and turquoise hamsa hand flippie floppies, great neckwear and my Dior sunnies. Went very cas-uuuuu-al.

Look at my hair... WTF is it doing? It looks like one of those Beta fishes with those pleasantly long luxurious tales streaming with lots of colors. Unfortunately, my hair is not long, neither is it very colorful. But really dig my bruised leg from god knows what from, with my awkward posing that I do a lot. 

Hands & Pink Feet _ Great Combo 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh My God - Shoes

New Obsession Killers 

Lately, I have been having this thing called "Color Obsession" which I believe everyone is in or getting into these days? I stick to the basic 3 colors; black, purple and gold because those are my fricken favorite colors... duh. But now I am siking myself with all these damn color trends going on. Not saying I look like a colorful rainbow, cause I will NOT allow that, just saying I am experiencing with color and I am lovinnggggg it! Anyway, the whole point with this "color" fixation, every time I am at a store or online, I am drawn to some great bright accessories. For some reason, I cant seem to get myself off I am stuck like glue to that website and wishing I could buy EVERY, SINGLE, THING! Since I can't fulfill my dreams... just yet, a girl can dream and really imagine all these shoes I want are waiting for me in my closet... YES I CAN. Here is where I show you my latest "wantings/ findings" that I would purchase in a second... oh and I kind of have this new thing for strappy heels. Weird? I think not.

Holy Shmoly !!! with all this Funkiness 

From top left-right and so on... 

Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood X2
Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Jimmy Choo
Brian Atwood X2, Oscar De La Renta
Nicholas Kirkwood, Christian Louboutin X2

See all the resemblances, or the sibling love? I didn't, till now.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I call this one --> male stripper spotted on NYC streets 

Why this outfit is called such an absurd arrangement of words you ask? Fish net tank, lace bra, and leather overalls... shall I say more?  I was a walking staring machine. Siding with the fact that overalls aren't a known seen piece of clothing now a days, my see-through top, and very strange kangaroo pouch didn't help much. But HEY why do I care, because I don't. Along with the overalls, my hair did NOT come down. It was in ponytail central for the past weekend due to the amount of humidity that was in the air. I was not risking sweating and my hair frizzing, so it all went UP for days.

I had such a fun time rocking overalls again. I felt like I was a little kid, minus the revealing under garments. It was such an entertaining look to put together and buy. I found this precious piece of clothing at Free People, surprisingly because I wasn’t excepting to see leather overalls… or overalls in general. I HAD TO TRY THEM ON, and I did. I also found this navy green with a hint of gold fish net tank at Free People and put both pieces together. I worshipped the look and cha ching went the register!

Along with the outfit comes the accessories. I loving wearing jewelry that my grandma past down to me. Such as my JAP (Jewish American princess) and Hamsa hand necklaces and my vintage Movado that was past down to me from my grandfather. I enjoy mix and matching vintage and modern jewelry along with ones that I design. I like golllllddddd ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pep To My Pride

This here my friends is called FREEDOM of facial expressions 

Pep to my nonexistent pride, along with some fun face making. I am not a very patriotic person when it comes down to the Red White & Blue harmonization on the 4th. Nor do I enjoy the big giant explosions of dangerous colors that happen in the sky. They scare the crap out of me and the after effect of sound is not too pleasant either. Unfortunately, I do not own many red items in my wardrobe and when the 4th does arrive, I hardly go according to how the day should exist. Obviously I do love America, and am proud to be an American. I’m just not pleased to wear red white & blue, which makes me look like a flag. Just similar to how red and green makes you appear like a Christmas tree or orange and black with Halloween… get it? 

While reading over my last paragraph, it makes me look as if I am a depressed person. Laughing about it now makes me see how crazy I truly am. Loving colors and loving “certain” colors together is something I call a "pet peeve". Fortunately, I DO own something red. A matter of fact, it's a red, black and white stripped slit maxi skirt from Free People. IN VERY DEEP LOVE. Also sporting a very holy shirt courtesy of Urban Outfitters. Kind of defeats the purpose of my non-red, white and blue liking... you think? 

No shoes ? Say whaaaaa!