Thursday, June 13, 2013

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff... and it's all small stuff

Who doesn't care for a good read?! While in Barnes and Nobel the other day, I always tend to direct my way toward the bargain book section where they have all different types of books from Self Improvement, Animals, Love, Fitness, Food and plenty more. If you never had the chance or even wanted to look at that section, you should. They have (in my opinion) the best and most interesting books on the shelf. My favorite thing to do when going to the book store is going to the Bargain shelf and looking through each and every book, there you will come across books that you might have never thought you would read or think is interesting. The other day I came across this book called, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff... and it's all small stuff, by Richard Carlson. I am half way through and I am really impressed. Sometimes it is hard to read books like these because you come across as to, "what does this persons opinion matter on their own life that could really reflect on my own personal life?" Then you occasionally find really good books like this one that had an affect on myself and caught my attention. It really depends on what you are going through in life, what you want to change, fix, improve or even if you are stuck on something and you can't figure out a way to get out. Whatever you are going through in life, step back and think about it, or simply find a book that goes along with this mood or life block you are having, which can really help you think differently then you would ever imagine. 

All Nike Everything

If you don't know by now, I love me some NIKE and when I mean love I mean OBSESSED. Nike is my all time favorite sports brand; from their clothing, shoes and accessories, everything they sell is pure genius. When you think you found your new favorite sneaker, shorts, top etc. a week later there's a new "favorite" in stores. If it were up to me, I would buy a new pair of sneakers each week. I have on NIKE Free 4.0 in teal, they are absolutely amazing, super comfortable and supportive. These are great for running and training considering they are ultra light, flexible and "free". Nike Shorts with built in spandex is another favorite of mine, they are comfortable, smart and functional. Also, the white Nike Tank, perfect for fitness and also causal wear.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1 Skirt - 3 Ways

1 skirt... 3 ways, are you ready for this? If your not, too bad and if you are, good job. Im excited to show you my new favorite skirt from Zara and how I had a lot of fun playing around with mix and matching pieces from my wardrobe into these 3 looks. Cool Cool. 


I had too much fun with this one, I wore a Zara Printed Bird Tank with a Zara Printed Floral Skirt (new fav) along with Vince Camuto Heels. I enjoy mix and matching different prints and colors that somewhat coordinate along with one another but also catch you off guard. Put some funk into your outfit! As for Jewels I have on a White Gold Michele Watch and a Purple and Gold Coach Bangle, also my new purple diamond Star Of David. 


With this look, I wanted to make it more cas-u-alllll, so I added a Lime Green Gap button down shirt, along with the same Zara Printed Floral Skirt, oldie but my favorite Zara Wedges, a Michael Kors Wrap Watch and RayBans. POP POP POP some color and add a twist! or in my case a huge obnoxious bun. 

LOOK # 3

OK OK OK ,,, okokok, I know what your thinking. Actually I don't, but I sport-ta-fied this look and added my favorite shoes in my wardrobe, NIKE FREE 5.0! Took this look 10 notches down and added a few of my new favorite and most comfortable pieces. "Hey Babe, Your A Babe, Babe", yea thats right, thats what my muscle (gym) tank says. Obviously I am wearing the same skirt, a necklace and FLEXED a little. Enjoy. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flower Bomb

Summer dresses are always the best, easiest and simplest way to get dressed during the summer. Why you may ask? because, there is nothing more uncomfortable then wearing tight clothing when it is extremely hot outside and theres nothing more comfortable (unless your in your bathing suit or in a pool) then slipping on the most flowy light dress. We all know its true. Therefor, I have recently purchased this amazing grey floral dress from Like Mynded and I am truly a big fan. It is extremely comfortable, airy and light, perfect for a hot summer day. I wore a lilac lace bra underneath along with tan/coral jellies and Dior sunnies.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013


 What an amazing weekend, I completed my first Spartan Race yesterday and I couldn't have asked for a better racing partner (my mother), a better day because it was beautiful out and a better race. It was filled with up & down hill running along with 15 obstacle courses while getting down and dirty! Between hiking up and down hill with rocks, sandbags, chained rocks and tires and climbing over and under high and low walls, nets, ropes and a HUGE MUD PIT filled with bobbed wire, running through fire and a bunch of other courses along the way to the finish line! Such a long, excited and body aching day but once we reached the finish line, we couldn't have been more happier in what we achieved. Cannot wait to do it again next year! More races to come. 

Shorts: Nike 
 Socks: Trukfit
Sneakers: Nike