Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh My God - Shoes

New Obsession Killers 

Lately, I have been having this thing called "Color Obsession" which I believe everyone is in or getting into these days? I stick to the basic 3 colors; black, purple and gold because those are my fricken favorite colors... duh. But now I am siking myself with all these damn color trends going on. Not saying I look like a colorful rainbow, cause I will NOT allow that, just saying I am experiencing with color and I am lovinnggggg it! Anyway, the whole point with this "color" fixation, every time I am at a store or online, I am drawn to some great bright accessories. For some reason, I cant seem to get myself off I am stuck like glue to that website and wishing I could buy EVERY, SINGLE, THING! Since I can't fulfill my dreams... just yet, a girl can dream and really imagine all these shoes I want are waiting for me in my closet... YES I CAN. Here is where I show you my latest "wantings/ findings" that I would purchase in a second... oh and I kind of have this new thing for strappy heels. Weird? I think not.

Holy Shmoly !!! with all this Funkiness 

From top left-right and so on... 

Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood X2
Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Jimmy Choo
Brian Atwood X2, Oscar De La Renta
Nicholas Kirkwood, Christian Louboutin X2

See all the resemblances, or the sibling love? I didn't, till now.  

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