Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pep To My Pride

This here my friends is called FREEDOM of facial expressions 

Pep to my nonexistent pride, along with some fun face making. I am not a very patriotic person when it comes down to the Red White & Blue harmonization on the 4th. Nor do I enjoy the big giant explosions of dangerous colors that happen in the sky. They scare the crap out of me and the after effect of sound is not too pleasant either. Unfortunately, I do not own many red items in my wardrobe and when the 4th does arrive, I hardly go according to how the day should exist. Obviously I do love America, and am proud to be an American. I’m just not pleased to wear red white & blue, which makes me look like a flag. Just similar to how red and green makes you appear like a Christmas tree or orange and black with Halloween… get it? 

While reading over my last paragraph, it makes me look as if I am a depressed person. Laughing about it now makes me see how crazy I truly am. Loving colors and loving “certain” colors together is something I call a "pet peeve". Fortunately, I DO own something red. A matter of fact, it's a red, black and white stripped slit maxi skirt from Free People. IN VERY DEEP LOVE. Also sporting a very holy shirt courtesy of Urban Outfitters. Kind of defeats the purpose of my non-red, white and blue liking... you think? 

No shoes ? Say whaaaaa! 

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