Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Jesus

JUST KIDDING - there angels, I think

I have yet another story here to tell you about this tank. As you can see how uniquely sewn, beaded and strung it is, how couldn't it catch your attention? Well, it caught mine on the island of Saint Maarten. Yes, this beaut was designed on the beautiful Island of the Dutch and French. While on my two-week excursion scuba diving, snorkeling, “jet ski boating” (?) Whatever that device I rode on was called, partying, and of course shopping, I found this tank in the cute little French town. I greatly appreciated the fine unique sense of art, color, shapes and sizes that were plastered on the shirt in various spots that made no sense to me; but that was probably the whole point of this shirt. Clearly, I bought it and I lalalalove, fricken love it! Paired with the Saint Maarten tank is a green/ gold fish net Free People tank, white Gap jeans, a random bracelet and Zara Wedges. 

(Saint Maarten)

Oh, there you are again baby jesus, I mean angel, I mean shirley temple. FYI, IDK WTF you are

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