Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Nikes ?

Dunks again... yes, I haven't worn them in a while and I love them. Seriously the most comfortable wedges out there, I can wear them all day. Since it was such a beautiful day in the morning, I am so looking forward to not having to wear coats anymore! I think everyone is excited about that. I paired my Nikes with Top Shop zipped leather pants, a Subliminal custom black tank with leather pocket, and an American Apparel stripped sweater. Spring is here people!!! Get happy. 

Tank-@SUBLIMINALAPPAREL(follow there insta)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saggy Buns

Love my saggy buns? These are my most favorite sweatpants but the only problem with me and sweats are the baggy butt syndrome. Yes, it does exists and we all know it. They all start off so perfect and fit so well to your bottom, but once you sit, stand and repeat once or twice, your done for the day. That is the only problem with me and wanting to wear sweatpants out in public. 1. I feel so much space in my butt area. 2. I feel it sagging. 3. I feel that everyone is looking at my butt and noticing the "sag". Oh well, thats why you wear them out for a few, with a long jacket and try not to have a care in the world (like myself). Admiring my new open back tee... (LOVE) with my kicks. 

OUTFIT: Pants- GAP(similar) ; Shoes- NIKE ; Tee- VSPINK

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Whole Months Past

So, I have been gone a while. Busy, School, Interning, Gym, L I F E likes to kick you in the ass. But I am hoping to start brand new and try and keep this up and running! So with that, this is going to be a post of whats been going on for the past month, while I gather my things together, get my noodle flowing, and start taking some more outfit posts, which I am very excited about. Still upset that it's still winter,  I can not wait till spring comes along!

F O L L O W M E O N I N S T A G R A M !!! ___ @TheBlonderDays