Monday, July 29, 2013

Gym Bag Alert

(everything mixed together minus the other millions of things stashed) 

Since I have been doing various gym posts, I figured why not do a post about gym bags? In the past year, I have been addicted and drawn to having my gym bag with me at all times during my workouts because it is important to have the right accessories, equipment and tools you need in the various workouts you are doing. For instance, for myself I box and do CrossFit. For those workouts I need to have many different items in my gym bag. Usually I just carry everything all at once in my bag, but recently I have been taking things out and putting other items in.

BOXING: In my bag I carry the most important two accessories -> Gloves & Wraps. I try and keep them tidy and neat (but that never happens). But you do have to keep up with them because they tend to hold on to your sweat, then later on smell (yes, so lady like... I know) but there's nothing you can do about it but to keep them maintained, washed and neatly stored. TIP- for my boxing gloves, I keep a dryer sheet in there to mask the smell, and honestly it really does the trick!!! and for my wraps, I wash them very frequently in the sink with detergent, then lay them outside to dry. 

CROSSFIT: In my bag I carry more then I could think of. I have a jump rope, tape, bandages, shaker, towel, extra clothes, different shoes, calf compressions, ankle brace... I could continue. Reason being, you kick ASS, not literally but you are accomplishing more then you could ever imagine.. and that requires a lot of tears, blood and sweat (hence the towel, tape, bandages & extra items). I'm exaggerating a little but really, after you have completed your warm up then your WOD (workout of the day) you are completely dripping in sweat (towel), your hands are all torn up (tape) and you are exhausted and need your shake and water right after. Honestly, its totally worth it. 

All together I make sure I have plenty of water, a head band for my messy hair, a towel for when I am dripping in sweat, my protein shake post workout (I use Recovery Progenex Tropical Vanilla Protein, LOVE) and whatever else I think of, including my wallet, keys, Chapstick, phone, headphones, etc, it's all part of the game. And to top it off, I LOVE MY GYM BAG. Why not have a stylish bag, along with your stylish workout clothes and gear. Got to keep your fashion in check no matter what! loljk, no really. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Stripes

Blue stripes, blue blouse, blue eyes & blues shoes... having a blue night. Blue is such a careful color to pair with different shades, patterns and styles. During the summer, like every other summer it seems that nautical stripes are always one essential item we all have in our closet. If it consists of a red, black or blue stripe blouse, short or accessory, we all own something of that type to fit in our summer wardrobe. This summer I found these blue and white stripe shorts from the GAP. They are very comfortable and easy to mix and match with patterns, solids and are a simple causal wear for a summer day and night. With the shorts I wore a GAP button down blouse with Juicy Couture tassel jellies and a LV Speedy bag. Simple, easy & summery fun. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Polka Dots & CrossFit

Nothing like a classic flexing picture after my workout, in fact my arms felt like jello at this moment so that's not technically flexing, but anyhow amazing workout. Recently I FINALLY signed up full time for CrossFit. I'm absolutely addicted to it. My mother has been attending CrossFit Lindy for over 2 years now and I have been going there only a few times when finally I had the time and got my strength up again to sign up. It is totally different from your regular workout at the gym. At Crossfit you are using your own body strength and endurance in various functional movements at a very high intensity. Great thing about Crossfit is that you do not have to have any experience to sign up and do it! No matter if you have played sports, are athletic, work out or never lifted a weight, have no experience or are in any shape, Crossfit will teach you all you need to know about getting you to were you want to be, and in the greatest shape of your life. It has been a month since I have signed up and I am getting stronger, fit and in the best shape I have ever been. If you think to yourself, “I can’t do something like that”, but you really don't know until you try and trust me, you can accomplish more then you think. Within a month of training, I can achieve kip pull ups, lift heavy weights, toes to bar, climb ropes, run better, complete push ups and squat like its no problem. The more you push yourself, the more results and endeavors you will receive in the end. If interested, click the link and check it out! OH, and as for my outfit, L O V I N G my new Nike shorts. Polka Dot Central! I have fun when dressing for the gym too!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Your Perfect Workout Sneaker

What is your personal favorite sneaker to wear while going to the gym? Is it Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, etc? Depending on what you are doing, for example running, training, lifting, boxing and so on, the shoe really does matter. For myself, I wear my Nikes for training, boxing and everyday wear, my Asics for running (of course) and Reeboks & Adidas for Crossfit training & lifting. There are many different types of sneakers to wear for the style of workout you are performing. They are prepared for comfort, support, stability, flexibility, lightweight, breathable, cushioned and many more descriptions of what you favor in a shoe. I prefer light, supportive, flexible and the most comfortable sneaker I can find for each of my various workouts throughout the week. Wearing the right sneaker for the workout it is suitable for makes a huge difference in your performance and are worth every penny you put into it. I love my workout gear and believe that spending the money on items you know you are going to wear and use (like my sneakers and apparel for the gym) is worth it when you know your going to get the use out of it and your moneys worth! So go out there and find the sneaker that is perfect for you and your own weekly workout routines. 

Monday, July 15, 2013


We all have come across or even establish an interest in wearing the Hamsa Hand symbol. (YOU KNOW MY OBSESSION) To some, it might just be another new “trend” that everyone is wearing, but in reality it is a symbol of religion, faith and protection. Mostly found in the Arabic and Jewish religion, the Hamsa symbolizes protection against evil.

I had the chance to speak and work with Jem Bracelets to share with you their marvelous jewelry and how great it really is. In the pictures, I have on my new and favorite everyday bracelets in purple and turquoise. Jem Bracelets are on point with innovative and popular fashion trends. Their way of taking the Hamsa and translating it into their stunning craftsmanship of jewelry definitely stands out and makes a fresh and stylish impact in the accessories world. Located in the fast past industry of New York City, Jem Bracelets launched their signature bracelet in the beginning of 2013.

The signature bracelet consist of red thread tied and bound with silver beads, with your choice of color Hamsa Hand in the middle of it.  With an adjustable fastener, it could be worn by anyone. Each bracelet is red and you have the choice in choosing what color you would be pleased to have your Hamsa represent. There is yellow, pink, orange, magenta, purple, royal blue, sky blue, turquoise, and yellow and priced at $19.99! Mix and match, layer, or if you choose to just rock one, there is sure to be a color that will bound to please you. 

Want to know where you can find, look, follow and purchase! It’s not going to stop at their signature bracelet! So keep a big lookout and follow the journey of Jem Bracelet!

Instagram: @jembracelets 
Also found at many boutiques around the globe --> NYC, Moscow, Quebec and Vienna.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Blues

Got some summer blues? Kidding... of course not! Who could on such a beautiful, hot, gorgeous, humid summer? And look at me wearing Gap slim cropped pants on such a lovely day, but they are so beautiful, comfortable and royal blue. I decided to wear them along with my new Zara blouse. Such a feminine light and airy draped top with various color sequins sewed in. It is sheer in the back and lined in the front for less of an exposure. I wore my Loft jelly coral/tan jeweled sandals to expose some of the colors from the shirt. Along with all this color I worse my rose gold Michael Kors watch and diamond rose gold hamsa hand necklace. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Super Geeky

I really do love my new glasses, in fact I love them so much I have been wearing them since the day I got them. I have also been rocking the whole "natural hair/ beachy look" because it is just to HOT for anything else. I decided to wear my new specs out to dinner along with a Joe Fresh white mesh tee, and the most comfortable Bar III navy shorts and Juicy Couture jelly sandals! What a light and easy way to get dressed on such a humid night to run out for a quick and casual bite to eat. Yum.

Leather In The CIty

Of course I choose to wear leather on one of the hottest days of the summer, but I absolutely adore this new leather skirt I recently purchased. It's exceptionally versatile for any season of the year; I just couldn't pass it up. For summer, it is a perfect item to wear during the day and even at night with a light summer tank with sandals or heels. During the winter, you will definitely see me wearing it with booties or flats with a chunky knit or blouse. Along with my white and black tank, also another garment to wear all year round and a perfect tank for day to night. Perfection. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Skeptical About Spectacles

Many people are skeptical about wearing/ buying spectacles, but in reality they are quite the new "trend" (a word that never comes out my mouth) but it's so true. As for myself, I do not have a choice and I need them to actually see, so getting a new pair of glasses every so often is like a treat, and more of an excitement to me. I just picked up my new Prada glasses today and I couldn't be more excited. I definitely needed a new pair and an update from my last Prada’s. (I spy a little Prada infatuation going on here) In all honesty, I think everyone can pull off a pair of glasses and if your like me and you need to wear them or want to gives your eyes a rest from your contacts, what better way to go then finding a really fun, funky and exciting frame to rock every now and then! Totally loving these and I am more then thrilled to finally wear them out!