Friday, August 31, 2012

How I Feel For No Reason ...

Y SO CEREAL? (serious)

You may be thinking, are those MC hammer pants? and the reason for me saying you may be thinking that is because I already had received comments of that sort and I seriously would love for not one more person to say this to me or else something terrible will occur... Im cereal about this. YES everyone, I stole them from MC Hammer himself... there harem pants geniuses. KIDDING KIDDING, don't take it to offense but I truly am loving this outfit. One day, after class I had all the time in the world so I figured I would use that time to do the one thing that I know how to do best. Spend money on much needed items. So, while strolling along 5th I decided to go into one of my favorite stores Zara and check out their knew merchandise. I don't know about anyone else, but I cant be shopping for sweaters, jackets, leather pants and boots while it is still 100 degrees outside, and that is what the store was stocked up on. I enjoyed looking at all the new items for this upcoming fall, but I was nowhere near trying them on and purchasing them just yet. This is when I came across some really dope, pleated, zippered harem pants and this great ballerina skull graphic tee. Perfect for transitioning from WAY TO HOT, to hot, to warm, to a little cooler, too still hot but comfortable enough to wear pants and a tee. LOVED this look together that I just had to buy them both. Considering I had about three other pairs of harem pants but in all different styles, I loved the light suede effect with the gold zipper down the side of your ankle on these exact pants. Now that you know the whole story, I paired the top and bottom with Sam Edelman sandals, Louis Vuitton clutch and some of my own personal gold jewels. Now... it was time for a lovely night in NYC.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How far is TOO far ?

Oh Lord 

Recently, I've been going through this phase of "hair cuts" and what cut I should get next. Since my mane doesn't choose to make me happy and grow long (in a fast period of time), I need a new do... and fast. Scanning various cuts, styles, long, fake, short, too short, way to short, or boy cut. How far is TOO far to go? Thats what I am asking myself and also trying to answer since no one else's opinion matters to me because it is MY hair and I have to live with any decision I make. Unfortunately. I pray to all the gods that there was a button you can press, like Jimmy Neutrons mechanical hair machine, to create any hairstyle you want. From short to long to long to short to mohawk to mermaid hair to no hair to some hair... yea you understand. My question is, did Miley go to far? or did she just set a new trend. Lets find out. 

rawr rawr 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black on Black on Black

Literally, everything is black. It kind of looks like I'm going to a funeral or mourning someone, which isn't such a great look for anyone. But everyone and their mothers wear black, so I'm aloud to also... right? I love this flowy bell bottom sleeve dress. I bought it from the Limelight Market in NYC a few years back. If you never been, its a church gone shopping mall. Pretty cool huh? Along with it I wore jelly BCBGMAXAZRIA flats, Versace shades, Vintage Movado watch and some fun other peices. Just a nice cool night on the town. Thats pretty much it. ;-*

Hi... moms foot 

Sunday, August 19, 2012


When reality hit, and I didn't like it... was when I turned 20 
and that's when I learned, this book was written for me to survive. 

While going through some mid-life early twenties crisis, I have learned a lot about this god forsaken world we live in. You know when your parents always said, "wait till reality hits, then you'll see"... well reality smacked me in the damn face, kicked me in the ass, pulled my hair, poked my eyes out and produced several tears, which I want to drown the world in. So, being in my early mid-life crisis, I took up reading. Want to know why? Because it takes my mind away from reality and puts it in some really messed up world where you wished you lived in rather then busting your ass everyday and pretending you're this really glamours princess. Now, this shit that is going through my mind puts several crap in my head to push me to start reading and then I came to figure that I actually enjoyed it. Like for real? Who knew a book would be so damn good. If it actually is good then your lucky and if it is not, don't waste your time. Anyway, to make the story longer, this is when I found myself in Barnes and Nobel, staring at this book that starting with the most fabulous word... F*CK.

Read Books. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

So girly _ Yet so not


That's what I was saying to myself while attempting to skateboard. A matter of fact, I’m pretty damn good that I was amazed for not falling on my tush and actually staying on the board. Who knew? It’s pretty addicting… till you get tired and thats when sitting on the board and rolling around turns cool. That was my main goal of the shoot… to take pictures on my brothers’ board. My original idea was to stand there pretending to actually skate, but I was so eager to try it, and that is were these entertaining photos come from (thanks to my little brother nick) for snapping the pictures for me. My one-piece romper from American Apparel came in handy. It's comfortable, lightweight, and so easy to move around in. Perfect for skating, I learned. Of course the cons rocked my feet and the Versace shades made me look like a badass… well, that's what I believe. I wore my vintage Movado. Perfect assemble and too much fun.  My dog joined the party, his name is Bull… he’s awesome. Skateboard. Bye. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This Weekend

This past weekend consisted of dress fittings for my uncles wedding, followed by a family party for the wedding, lots and too much food, reading, tanning, writing, driving, getting my nails done, and taking pointless pictures. Thats what my life comes down too.


Writing / Reading

Pretending I was the Bride (yea right)

Vroom Vroom Purple Hands

An unnecessary cat, sitting on my bag

Last but not least... the Aflac clan crossing my street

Would you be my friend ? I thought so, so heres the song of the weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Of Trying On

Hey, how are yah? Then again, I will never know. But to let you know, I am fine. Thanks, I went on a little adventure this past week trying on clothes that I want to buy, wasn't sure if I should, but really wanted to. Reason why, because Fall is approaching but summer is still here kicking my ass. While I could be inside dreaming about layers, layers, plaid, pants, layers and boots, I still have to worry about what's outside; heat heat and more HEAT. So, I stopped in Zara to see their new Fall apparel and got way too excited and started to snatch everything from the racks. This is how I wound up with this mash of an outfit. This was not planned but then it happened. I fell in love, and now I want Fall here now.  

(LOLing at my art work)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Clearly I'm excited and "Jealous of Myself"... my shirt claims.

Thank you everyone for the support and of course the views!!! I am loving every minute of this and it is just the beginning. This is such an enjoyment to create each and every post to share to you all. I hope you enjoy my blog just as much as I enjoy making it. Please keep viewing, reading and looking at the marvelous and distracting photos of myself along with others. Hopefully it will lead to bigger and better things... Oh wait, it will. JUST KIDDING! But seriously... I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PLEASE: Celine Me Alone

My shirt explains my personality so effortlessly. It gives a deeper explanation toward my reasoning for graphic tees. It genuinely does the talking for me. I came across this shirt a while back somewhere I do not remember because I have the most awful memory, and never came to the position of actually taking the time to find it. Until I saw it once again, and finally came to the situation of needing it… and that is when I found it on

Seriously, couldn't be happier.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Go-To Lady

 If we could be best friends, we would. 

Meet Leandra Medine ... The Man Repeller. Seriously people, the most stylish woman on the planet. I never had a "fashion role model" to look up to because simply, no one has ever grabbed my attention, until I came across her blog. BEST THING that could have happened because she inspires me to the max. Not only with my style and being able to experiment with different pieces of apparel, but also with not caring about what others say about what I do, say, or the most part wear. Hence “repeller”. She does what makes her happy, and that's what I find amazing. She encourages me with my career goals and most of all every day life. To be able to go on her blog, find new ways to experiment and style different pieces of garments, and even read and come across new designers and merchandise, she really opens my view and knowledge of fashion every day. You have to check her out, you will become obsessed. 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh My Men

     Well, Hello Thurrrrr

We all know my love for A$VP Rocky and all, but what this post is really about is sexy men all around the globe. Not only focusing on their manly appearances... but its their style that grabs my attention and then automatically makes me fall into a deeper feeling of love. Hey, if you find a man who looks good AND who can dress good, it’s like a win/win on your part with an extra WHO-RAH! For real, I’ m not lying. Anyway, while reading blogs, watching music videos, interning, walking the streets of NY, or just flipping through a magazine, I have been obsessing over menswear for quite some time. It could also be having a little brother, a boyfriend and best male friend who are all just as fashionable as myself… their style rubs off on me… more then you can imagine. So, once and a while I break out some menswear turned womenswear and see how I feel about wearing it. Sometimes the outcome is great because I feel like a real G, and other times I just look like my male companions. You make the judgments or just keep them to yourself. BTW... its all about leather, army print, baggy, loose, geometrical, high top, colorful, drape making, layering apparel. Got that? Here's are just a few... 

Can you say... Mash up of totally different styles that can totally be rocked together------ YES.