Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Casual Cool

I am infatuated by inspiration of fellow fashion bloggers, photographers and style advocates, but I came across this one blogger who is my ultimate favorite. She truly opens up my eyes and encourages me to go a little further with my style choices, even if it is just the basics that make the whole outfit. I came upon this idea of Casual Cool for a great summer outfit while on her site. Styling basic denim shorts with a black tee, accompanied by a very structured black blazer along with a simple black strap pointed pair of heels to give the outfit some edge. While keeping the outfit strictly denim and black, I always like to add some color, whether it be in your jewelry, bag or other accessories, a little color always gives it some flavor. I came across this amazing printed scarf that had the perfect shade of blue to overlap the shorts, and the red was my “go-to” color to pop out. I am in love with this red leather chain Gucci bag and felt it looked best with this outfit. I also came across the newest trend of clear sunnies, flawless. 

Summa Sneaks

Usually, summer underestimates the fact that all closed shoes are NOT to be worn and that they are meant to be stored away for winter, while the summer sandals, heels and opened toed shoes come out to be seen once again. But honestly, what’s the big deal to spice up your outfit and depart from the optimistic summer sandal and wear a pair of sneakers instead? This winter was so harsh to my feet, that near the middle to end of it, I bought so many comfortable yet stylish sneaks to wear while walking around the city; can I just say how amazing my feet felt and how different my outfit looked from transitioning from boots to sneaks. So why can't you do the same for summer? I found really great, funky, colorful and exciting sneakers to hype up your summer apparel! Try some out, I know I am. 

1. Jeffrey Campbell : $89.95
2. Neon Lepord Vans: $50 
6. Kenzo : $294
9. Nike Running Sneaker : $100  

Monday, May 27, 2013


I am not a flip flop kind of person, but I came across these metallic blue Havaianas and figured it was finally time to open up and buy a pair. Reason why I don't wear flip-flops is plain and simple, they’re hard for me to walk in and keep on my feet. But today was the first time wearing my Havaianas and I love them. They are extremely comfortable, casual, wearable and actually stay on your feet while you walk. I lasted all day with them on. Good thing I broke down and I finally bought a pair, it was worth it. 

6 Summer Essentials


For summer, or really any season, it is always a good idea to have a few essential pieces in your closet that you can use and go to throughout the season. We all know we have those few main pieces that we wear each week, every year that we just can’t give up. These pieces always tie together with a lot of the garments you own, plus its always good to have a few items to turn too when in doubt you can’t figure out what to wear, with what and its just so plain and simple it just makes your outfit. I picked some reasonable and stylish basics that could work with anything in your summer wardrobe, check it out.

How can you go wrong with a basic tank. GOES WITH EVERYTHING!

2. TopShop Shorts: $56.00
Denim shorts... do I really have to explain?

3. Joie Sandal: $115
Perfect white slip on sandal, goes with almost everything. Its simple, stylish and has a unique twist. Just slip them on and your out!

Everyone needs a statement sunnie, spend a few extra bucks if you know you are always going to rely on your sunglasses and also keep them in good condition, its worth the bucks! Trust me...

Don't you also need a statement suit for summer? uh YES. With this swimsuit you can mix and match with solid bottoms or tops... everyone owns solid colored swimsuit, so why not buy something with color! 

6. Furla Bag: $248
Perfect summer bag, light and airy and RUBBER! You can bring it anywhere with you and if it gets sandy or dirty all you have to do it wipe it down... you don't have to worry about ruining a perfectly expensive bag. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Inspiration

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The Side Boob

We all are familiar and are exposed to the infamous side boob trend. If it’s the full exposure, the lace bra or some other type of contraption you are wearing, it is happening. As for myself, I love it, but there are some rules to live by if you want to pull this off right, while not looking like you want everyone to see yah boob.   

1.   WEAR A BRA: if it is lace, a solid, striped, pattern, etc, it must be worn. Going bra-less isn’t somewhat attracting unless it is not an open side shirt. If your shirt is closed on all sides and you can go bra-less DO IT UP, if your shirt has very low openings on the side, cover those girls up!

2.   WEAR SOMETHING THAT FITS/ COVERS: my parents hate this trend, but I think it looks really good if it is worn properly. Long story short, some girl in one of my classes wore a very open sided shirt and she has very large watermelons… her bra was 10x to small to hold them and they were hanging out EVERYWHERE… don't be that girl.

3.   MAKE IT LOOK GOOD: you can make this trend fall into two categories, slutty or not slutty (lol, I know). But really, covering yourself up to the right exposure will definitely help you pull this trend off, especially if you dress it up with a nice skirt and a low back or side… phenomenal. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nike Blues

So, yea… I’ve been having this sort of Nike allure for quite sometime now. Like I will go shopping and wind up leaving with more Nike merchandise then actual real clothes. I’m talking shoes, socks, headbands, shirts, sweatshirts, bras, pants, shorts, etc etc etc… the list goes on, and I wonder why I wear my workout clothing more then my real clothing. NOT that I’m saying it's a bad thing… because it is not, I really am a Nike Addict. My excitement now days is going into Nike Town or the Nike store and trying on everything I can get my hands on and buying more sneakers then I actually need. I don't care; I love it and most likely will keep continuing purchasing my favorite sports brand.

Outfit: ATTENTION - do not mind my award facial expressions and my water mark on my shirt, I was rushing to get to my Boxfit class and clearly didn't keep the water in the sink. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


Sometimes you just want to say, F*CK YOU to someone and then everything just seems to be a lot better. Or, if you are too reserved or not as ballsy as many others, you can wear what you feel on your shirt and hope that the people you want to actually say something too, realize this verbal text is toward them in the most polite way possible. OH! How much I love my graphic tees, they just show how thrilled I am to actually be wearing something I wish I could say to others or possibly how I feel or the best - what is going through my mind on an every day basis – OR - EVEN BETTER, just some random saying plastered on my chest “just because I can”. (last one is the winnnna winnnaa) Some people just need to get the damn hint. Not really going to say much more about this subject or I’ll wind up naming a few… L O L jk - N O T 

Tank : Featherhearts 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


If you didn't know, I am in love with my black and red Nike Sky Hi Wedge dunks. If you don't know, now you know. So once I came upon these ALL WHITE NIKE DUNK SKY HI MESH WEDGES, I passed out, woke up, saw these heavenly angles, passed out again and I am in no denial to order them for the most perfect sneaker for this summer and I don't want to wake up again until they are on my feet. A little exaggerated ... no? NO, if you do not have these sneakers you do not understand nor will appreciate how comfortable they are and how remarkable they look on.  LOVE STRUCK MUCH ?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My D.I.Y Story

My D.I.Y (do it yourself) endeavors have always lacked skill do to my overly functioning brain that thinks I can make whatever I create in my head come alive, little does it know that it transfers only 50% of talent from my creative thinking to my motor functions. I think big, create big and want to do big… but my hands say N.O and don’t want to contribute to my mostly awesome and amazing ideas. When it comes to D.I.Y, I always want to try and do it all, but then during the process I get frustrated after 3, 6 and 10 tries that I push it aside and most likely never complete what I started. Long story short, I bought this really great, out of the ordinary and highly intellectual book called, “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls”, by David Sedaris. Sweet deal, so just starting to read it I realized that I needed a super cool bookmark to give this book some character because from experience, placing a sticky note each time I finished a chapter or completed my reading for the day, the stickiness looses it uhhh,,, stick and then I wind up loosing my piece of pointless paper in addition to loosing my spot. Long story even shorter (jk) I figured I would create a D.I.Y bookmark out of the millions of beads I own… little did I know I couldn't even complete a simple task like this. It took me THREE times to bead the right cord, with the right beads and tie it to the approximate length so it fit perfectly with my book. It only took till the third time that I didn't snap the cord from tying it to tight that the beads would fly across my room. A simple project like this would take a normal person 10 minutes; it took this genius two hours because of course I had to pick the most complicated, smallest and colorful set of beads to string onto the thinnest and most non-cooperated piece of string in this world. In the end, I came up with this masterpiece while using the largest, durable and biggest beads I could find, while somewhat trying to be a tad bit creative in the making, since my first two attempts failed. And that's my D.I.Y story. 

Casually Yellow - N'

There is nothing better then being casual, comfortable and feeling good, so why not add some extra WOWZA to your outfit with some color and jewels. When you have those days where you just want to through on a pair of jeans, a tank / tee and call it a day, the best way to spice it up so your not feeling so (blah) is to add some color and accessories. How much better do you feel when you are rocking your favorite jeans, a nice loose stylish tank, some sexy cool under garments and then add on your favorite accessories layered up with your best bracelets, necklaces and a hot new bag. I bet once you try this you will feel so much better then your average jean and tank combo. Oh, and don't forget to be daring, through on a pair of sneakers as well... You deserve it!!! 

Outfit Details: For this outfit, I came about the everyday casual, comfortable yet stylish combo. Whats better then upgrading your outfit with accessories, I believe that it the true essence and ability to make your outfit stand out and also better yet, make yourself feel good! So I found these amazing Rag & Bone jeans, a T by Alexander Wang tank, VS PINK Bralette and paired them together with super comfy grey Superga Classic Sneakers. I am really loving this bright yellow for the summer and figured I would incorporate it into this look with a Marc by Marc Jacobs Pouch (in love), Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, then added in some other teal and gold accessories to shy away from too much yellow; Ray-Ban Mirror Aviator sunnies, and some awesome bangles 1, 2 & 3

Friday, May 17, 2013


Don't know what to wear with the transition of weather? If you are an early bird and need to get out of the house, will be out all day and are not sure how the weather is going to plan out, dress accordingly to the temperature and always make sure you have a sweater or light jacket on hand!

  (ZARA inspired) 

Since the weather isn't "perfectly" warm and we have good days here and there (NY) we know we all are sick and tired of wearing big puffy jackets, boots and gloves. It has come to the point where we are all gradually transitioning to lighter pants, tanks and sandals. But since we can't stroll out in them alone just yet, we always have to make sure we have a back up once that cold breeze chimes in. Thats where the light coat, sweater or blouse comes in handy when you are out all day and do not have the time to run back home. Having a light garment on you will never hurt, you will just be lucky enough that you actually brought it out all day with you. 

I took ZARA by storm and paired these amazing khaki combination canvas trousers with a white sheer studio top, layered with a printed asymmetric tunic and then the white flowing blazer for the transitioning effect. As for shoes, I added the Metallic Sandals with Rhinestones for day and the blue combination high heel sandal for night. Added some accessories 1 & 2 and BAM, you got yourself a look.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013


These past few weeks have been totally busy and crazy for me. I had a Bar Mitzvah to attend and a Wedding I was in and of course when you need something during the most busiest and important times _ YOU NEVER FIND WHAT YOU NEED/LIKE_. So here I was, for over two months searching for the perfect dress for the party I had (by then) in less then two weeks. I could not find not one dress I liked. I think I tried on every dress in Bloomies, Saks, Nordstrom and every other store I possibly visited. FINALLY, a light bulb flashed above my head and all of a sudden I think of "All Saints". Every time I am in Bloomingdales and shop the All Saints section, I always see dresses I love and wished I had something to wear them too so I can purchase them. TA DA! Finally this day has arrived and as I made my way to All Saints I grabbed about 7 different dresses to try on, and FINALLY found the one I loved!!! Not only is this Mono Riviera dress perfect for me and perfect for the occasion but I can also wear it on an every day basis. I see a WIN - WIN over here !!! (don't mind the messy fitting room)




Nike Free 4.0s..... IN LOVE. Such an amazing sneaker that it is my new obsession. It is extremely light weight, cushioned and provides a great flexibility of motion. If you are into a barefoot slim fit sneaker to run or train in, I recommend this sneaker. For myself, I use it to train, I need more stability and support when I run so thats why I use my Nike Free 5.0s (which will be in a future post). I wanted a color that stood out and I really enjoy mix and matching the teal and dark blue swoosh with almost anything I have in my closet. Even to wear these shoes when you are running around and need comfort... they never seem to fail. They provide lasting comfort from morning to night! 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy As Can Be .. Or AM I?

Hello Everyone! Funny story, I forgot my log in info and couldn't get into my blog for about, lets say... two months and I just figured it out right about NOW. Just as I thought I was going to give up, it magically came to me and I couldn't be happier because I almost had to start all over again. Long story short, I have a lot to share and cannot wait to start blogging again! I'm really excited to add my new fitness kick into my every day style, some beauty tips, home decor, accessories and every other thing that I come across, own and love! Get ready .........................