Thursday, July 5, 2012


I call this one --> male stripper spotted on NYC streets 

Why this outfit is called such an absurd arrangement of words you ask? Fish net tank, lace bra, and leather overalls... shall I say more?  I was a walking staring machine. Siding with the fact that overalls aren't a known seen piece of clothing now a days, my see-through top, and very strange kangaroo pouch didn't help much. But HEY why do I care, because I don't. Along with the overalls, my hair did NOT come down. It was in ponytail central for the past weekend due to the amount of humidity that was in the air. I was not risking sweating and my hair frizzing, so it all went UP for days.

I had such a fun time rocking overalls again. I felt like I was a little kid, minus the revealing under garments. It was such an entertaining look to put together and buy. I found this precious piece of clothing at Free People, surprisingly because I wasn’t excepting to see leather overalls… or overalls in general. I HAD TO TRY THEM ON, and I did. I also found this navy green with a hint of gold fish net tank at Free People and put both pieces together. I worshipped the look and cha ching went the register!

Along with the outfit comes the accessories. I loving wearing jewelry that my grandma past down to me. Such as my JAP (Jewish American princess) and Hamsa hand necklaces and my vintage Movado that was past down to me from my grandfather. I enjoy mix and matching vintage and modern jewelry along with ones that I design. I like golllllddddd ;)

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