Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Does Mine Say?

FUN Tees @ Ridiculously HIGH Prices 

Now A Days, T-shirts have their own “self-expressions”. It's as if they have a mind of their own. Which is creepy, yet, they can speak for you! Which is fricken sweet, considering there are days that you want to be left alone… more like all the time. Therefore, why not display your feelings on your tatas because you know everyone is looking there anyway (KIDDING). So not true. So, as a result, here are a ton of really fabulous t-shirts I have found, with totally sick graphics, and with a totally ridiculous retail price. As if we didn't spend enough on clothes… T-shirts just added a whole new value.  And since these t-shirts are highly non- affordable, I had mixed inexpensive ones along with them below! 

FUN Tees @ Ridiculously MODERATE Prices 

I guess to retrieve "in-expensive" t-shirts, you cant get a solid picture without someone's body

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