Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kick My Arse

When I get something new, I cant help but to exaggerate it to the point where I either wear it more times then I should, then eventually wear it out. (So I have been told from my bf) Hearing that I do this with everything I own, I am trying my hardest to not ruin my new beauties. (Nike Dunks) I know I just did a post about my new kicks, resulting in my explanation right above, but I figured that since today was my first day back at school, I wanted to wear something new and sought out to wearing my kicks. I mean, this is only the second time I put them on so it doesn't hurt, right? But I am truly obsessed and in love and have all the right to be able to wear whatever I want, how many times I want, resulting in who gives a sh*t, there is always new things to buy each and every day. I'll be over them in the future.  
so kewl dude 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Say hello to my new favorite sneakers, Nike Dunk Sky High Wedges. You are so b_e_a_utiful to me. Been contemplating if I really wanted these, or really really wanted these. So I came to the conclusion that I really really really wanted these so I did what I do best, and bought them. We all see wedge sneakers everywhere and a lot of major designers are also selling them, but what really caught my attention was these Nike Wedge Dunks. Since I have been in dying need of new shoes, but more like cool sneakers that I could actually wear on a day to day basis, these really pushed me into buying them. Not only are they dope, but they also give my sneaker a little more of a feminine look adding the wedge inside. I can finally rock some Nikes without feeling like a boy... super excited... Yes, excited. 

Wearing: Pants&Hat: H&M - Shoes: Nike - Jacket: Marc New York Bag: Coach 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Denim Selfie Day

Super aggravating/ annoying/ failure/ desperate/ most unsuccessful day I had shopping. You know when you get all your sh*t together and are amped up to take on the day to finally buy some new things because your in desperate exaggerating need of new clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, things you don't need but really do need, and other crap you need. Well that was my plan and it totally failed, Im talking about not getting one thing I needed in the hours I spent looking. We all know how ridiculous that feels when you know what you want and cant find not one thing while basically wasting your day. So yea... that was my lovely day I had and instead of being upset I figured why not take some pictures in the fitting rooms... as you can see I had a massive denim day (which that was my main goal to buy). I left Bloomies a very nice present in the dressing room (see picture below, below). Sorry not sorry that you have nothing I like. - See you in a few months... 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I just got back from another great vacation, location - CANCUN! It was a blast but a hell of another plane ride. (Not going on a plane for a while) But this vacation was for my new aunts bachelorette party. 10 women, a 4 hour plane ride, no one knows how to speak spanish and a hell of a lot to drink ... I think you know how that ended up. One word, HYSTERICAL the whole time. But overall it was such a beautiful week, lots of sun, tons of food and drinks and a lot of partying. Here are a few fun pictures of bikinis, outfits, drinks, oceans, etc etc etc... enjoy, lots of selfies ;-)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where to Next?

Vacation prep for another fun vacation, to another Caribbean destination. (See what I did there) No, but for real, I am going away again tomorrow and of course there is a lot to do, buy, and actually pack. No one wants to wear or bring the same clothes and accessories that you wore two weeks ago on the last vacation, so this is where the challenge begins to start prepping for new bathing suits, outfits and small accessories to bring along. But in reality, no one is going to buy all new clothing for another vacation that is literally back to back, thats when things get real and you pack what you didn't wear on the last vacation plus some new purchases you do buy for then next one. I was going to give you a sneak peak of what my suitcase looks like this trip, but I don't want to ruin all the surprises, so just keep posted! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wo (men) ish ?

Really digging the whole menswear look from time to time. It is extremely comfortable and casual but I always add a little twist to spice up the look. You don't want to be too baggy or look too much like a man, so I like to pair my looks with some bright colors and great accessories. In this outfit, I choose to stick with blues and greens, adding some gold, rose gold and silver jewelry. I really love a great boyfriend jean, one that flatters a women's body but also gives its true meaning of being slightly baggy. On top, I choose to pair my new favorite color blocked button down with a meaningful crewneck, got to make an impression somehow, and sometimes Hi is where it all begins. Since I am a hat lover and obsessed with colored beanies, I choose a dark green color to correspond with the bottom of the button down. Don't want it to be too matchy, matchy. Still obsessed with those high top custom Nikes which go great with the ensemble. Heading to the accessory portion (my favorite part) I choose a personalized love necklace (want,want,want) along with the tri-color stackable rings, oh and cant forget a great statement color block clutch! Going to purchase this whole look now. See-ya! 

Jewelry:Jennifer Zeuner 

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Found Glory

For all you Yoga & Pilates lovers like myself, look what I just found, screamed, called my mom over to see then thought, "maybe these been out more then I think they are a new found glory". But I just watched a video on the Nike website, and realized I was actually right and they are new and I NEED them, asap! They are so incredibly awesome, giving you a barefoot feel but providing you with protection and support while you are doing your work out. We all know how it is to go to your yoga or pilates class and having to take off your shoes, and during the class you go through the hassle of slipping or not being as balanced or supported as you wish you were. Well these Nike Studio Wraps were designed just for that. They are a three foot system of barefoot feel, then including the wrap then after the protection. Seriously, the sickest thing I have found in a while. CHECK IT OUT. Cant wait to purchase! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Night & Lace

It was a little late in the day to take some photos, so excuse the bad lighting but I was a tad bit busy. I had a family party to go to yesterday and decided to wear my new favorite black sheer lace top with my favorite grey jeggings that zip along the ankle. I am a big fan of ankle zippers and love the look with flats, shoes and even heels; it definitely gives the outfit a little more edge. Since I was traveling out of NY, I wanted to stay comfortable during the long car ride, so I threw on my favorite black flats, kept it simple and causal. As you can tell, these are some of my favorite pieces and I love pairing all my favorites together. 

Top: Rachel Roy - Bottoms: Joe's Jeans (old) - Shoes: Sam Edelman 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Kicking It

Story is ever since I bought my high top white cons, I fell in love. They are genuinely my go-to shoes for practically anything I wear and when I want to be comfortable and relaxed. Today was unquestionably the kind of day for their wearing. This is day two of my favorite leather pants, styling them a little bit different along with my white high tops and with a vibrant royal blue, black and white strip sweater. Going for more of a laid back but not to dressed down look, so I opted for leather instead of leggings and through on a few jewels (like always) to spice up some flavor and add more pop of
color (gold). And how could I ever forget my other go-to accessory, my favorite shades! 

Pants: TopShop Sweater: GAP Shoes: Converse Sunglasses: Versace  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Metallic Blue

What cha know about them? Cole Haan Metallic Blue Oxfords, as you can see, are the S#*^. The metallic royal blue oxford just pops off of any color you wear them with. In this post, I choose to pair the oxfords with black and grey, which I believed, for the kind of day and weather it was, stood out perfectly. Along with the shoes I wore black leather leggings, a knitted mixed grey sweater, some jewels and of course my new puffer jacket that I am obsessed with. Got to bare New York winters some how and this is one day to do it. ;-)

Pants: TopShop - Sweater: LOFT - Shoes: Cole Haan - Jacket: Marc New York - Watch: MK

Monday, January 7, 2013

Grand Cayman Vacation

I am back in NY and it feels so good! Even though it felt 100X better far far away, on a tropical island, in the middle of winter, in 90 degree weather, on a boat, getting a crispy tan... 10 days was enough and I am thrilled to be back home. This was my first time to the Grand Cayman Islands, and for you who do not know where this island is located, it is south of Cuba and West of Jamaica. So all together it was a hell of a trip down, but a very small and cozy island to explore. During my time there I had many days relaxing at our private beach, while also visiting endless beaches. I also had my first experience swimming with the Dolphins and Turtles, snorkeling, holding tropical Birds, and taking a boat to the middle of the ocean to swim and touch Stingrays. Overall, I had a very adventurous and brave vacation and would love to go back and visit again. My advice is, when you go to an island that you have never been to or even have gone before, definitely explore and do as much as you can while there. I will admit, some days I just wanted to sit on the beach and just relax all day, but once I was brought out to experience and explore what the island had to offer, I enjoyed my trip even more and will always remember what I have done.