Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Cha Looking @

Embracing my new pale skin, very short hair and this LBD that shows a lot of back-age, YES! Since Fall practically smacked us all in the face and took away our summer with-in a change from August to September, there's a lot going on. Including: cutting my hair off, my skin loosing all its luxurious color (call me crayola white), NYFW, the change in apparel, and the LOVELY COOLER WEATHER. Which actually I LOVE, and I am so excited for this season so I really can't complain. I need to BOOST up my wardrobe and start shopping for Fall! WHOOHOO fun... so here and there I am finding some great new garments which of course I love to share. This new BCBG cut out sheer black dress is great for dressing up with heels and dressing down with boots or flats. Great new basic necessity to stick in my wardrobe for the new season approaching (or here). I decided to spice it up, I threw on my Sam Edelman Heels and kept it simple. MWUAHHAHHAHA ;-* 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Nailz Diary

Addicted to taking pictures of my nails... never noticed, but, WOWZ 
and I wish I could tell you these colors but I have no idea. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYC Nightz

Love NYC, love walking through it and love being out at night walking around Times Square. That is the only time of day I will go there. The main reason is because of it's beauty at night. You get this amazing feeling and your not rushing to get somewhere, so you can be more calm and enjoy the tourist life. Once and a while, I like to get that feeling of escape and just enjoy the city I live in. You don't always have to walk around like you own the damn town. People should take time to stop and LOOK UP and enjoy your city and what it has to offer. And thats exactly what the hell I did!

OH! and I got my hair cut, kool? 

Shirt: Free People, Jeans: Joe's Jeans, Sandals: Mel, Clutch: LV