Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feeling Royal

Recently, I've been having this "blue" phase. Perhaps it's my new color or I should just accept the fact that I enjoy royal blue. Along with favoring this color, I have been discovering all sorts of blue accessories to correspond with my newfound shade. Such as my fathers chic Robert Graham fedora, David Yurman and Evil Eye neckwear, Ray Bans sunnies, Zara basic tank, and my very feminine Gap  lace bra. Practical, as they are chic, I am loving this combination.

Next to my new color fixation, comes my found love of my latest Joe’s Jeans. I steered away from ripped light denim ever since the beginning of high school, but noticeably they have returned. Adoring these washed boyfriend cut jeans and obsessing over the worn out anklets. You can either cuff them up, or keep them rolled down to catch the worn out effect. Whichever way they are styled, they still look damn sweet!

In addition comes the legendary leg & shoe picture. 
(Shoes: Steve Madden)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Back To The Basics

_Some great affordable basics for your everyday_

We all do it, we all buy basics because we know we need them. Hard part is, it’s difficult to come across some great everyday basics without spending a fortune. Are the garments fitting you like your wearing your dads oversized tee or your grandma’s button down shirt? And I am sure we all don't want to look like that... and if you do, go ahead, no ones stopping you. For myself personally, I know I don't want to look like a shmo, so I take a little more time searching for “just the right” pieces that I enjoy, and would like to share them with you.

Feel flattered.

When we think of basics, American Apparel comes to mind. Their vast selection of merchandise in various solid colors, strips, and multi colored garments are always a go-to when you have a specific piece of clothing in mind. I can honestly say I love going there for some great basics, such as their one-piece bodysuits, sweaters and especially their leggings! 
The GAP is another great place I care for and go to for great worthy undergarments and clothing. I recently found love for their bras. They are fun, sexy, comfortable and they hold in your goodies for dear life… and wont let them go! Besides the wonders of the undergarments, their tees and sweaters are another asset. For myself, I like the boyish feel of a baggy tee and at the Gap they have great movable tees that I usually get a size up to get my manish feel. (As seen above)
Zara, one of my all time desired places to shop basics but more on a trendy level. Recently this year Zara opened up a new store on 5th Ave., and let me tell you, I won’t shop at any other. This is the most organized and cleanest one I have ever been in, and it has EVERYTHING. You can find anything you long for, especially great hip basics from a detailed blouse - to a plain tank. I am more then happy with their merchandise selection. 

Bloomingdales: Jean department. I know I promised “affordable” basics but this is an exception. When I do buy jeans, the only ones that flatter my tush are designer. How lucky am I?  Just not my wallet.  Ones I tend to gravitate to most are Joes Jeans, J Brand, Hudson and Seven… just to name a few. I believe that the best jeans are made out of the best material and quality; therefore spend the money if it last you a very long time! 

Great analysis, don't you think?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feel The Island Breeze

From NY? _ PLEASE take me BACK!

Figured... Hey! Why not post about the most beautiful, tropical, and best place in the whole world! You guessed it... the BAHAMAS! Currently dreaming and imagining being there right now, listening to the island music while sipping on a pina colada. THOSE ARE THE DAYS I TELL YA! If you never been there, you MUST... and when I say must, it means you better go! Just being in this place makes you feel like your home and you never want to leave! I mean, seriously... once you step a foot off that plane, your in island mode. The music starts playing and there are free drinks handed out to you while waiting for your luggage! WTH? What's better then free drinks? You tell me... 

All these photos are MINEEEEEE, yah heard? 

Anyway, I've been going to the Bahamas for many years now, and it's NEVER been a disappointment. The Atlantis is the place to stay. I mean PARADISE TO THE MAX. And then you wonder why you don't want to leave... your spoiled the whole time your there! Drinks, Music, Pools, WATER SLIDES, Water activities, Casinos, SHOPPING, oh and did I mention they have a Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's and a Jewish Deli... YOU ARE SET! I mean, this is all in one place, you NEVER have to leave the premises. Its all in your whole Atlantis stay, walking distance, and NO car rides (only if you want to go into town or explore the island).

THIS IS THE LIFE : that smile & braids never go away! 
GREAT! picture skills ma... 
& Some underwater fun

Along with my awkward posing, great shoes and coverups...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Le Black

WARNING: Excuse my awesome facial expressions - might cause harm and distractions 
Do take notice of my dope Versace Shades & LV, who are my best friends in the world!

Along with my lovely face and the expressions they do make, under no control, I am sporting a very lovely black BCBGMAXAZRIA romper. This has to be my all time favorite, one piece, summer go-to! Absolutely most comfortable and structurally designed... its mind boggling. I am very attracted to abnormally structured garments and the top part of the romper and even the bottom pockets are SICK!

The legs are back! and taking over the world! & these snake skin Franco Sarto sandals.
LOVE'N my Michele watch and my fresh mani/ pedi ;)



Saturday, June 23, 2012

50 Shades of Blue

Feeling hot hot hot !

Since yesterday was about a zillion degrees outside, what else would you wear in this heat wave we had in New York? I knew I was wearing close to nothing so I wouldn't sweat... but what I didn't know WAS THAT... walking from the house to the car was going to break a tremendous sweat. I'm talking about when you just finished going for a run and the sweat is dripping down your body. Wasn't aware this type of miracle could occur in about 10 steps and 10 seconds. 

I did try to mentally prepare myself from leaving my air conditioned house, to actually having to walk out the house, to get into an air conditioned car. SO, with that in mind, I wanted to choose the lightest and most baring (non whore attempted) clothing I could possible put on my body. Oh and did I mention comfortable too, that its not sticking to you? According to my mother, I don't choose the right undergarments to wear with my clothing, little does she know I don't care (sorry ma) 
and miiii likeyyyyy!!! At least my bum isn't hanging out...  

Shorts: BarIII, Top: Cecico, Bra: Gap (THEY HAVE GREAT UNDERGARMENTS) Sandals: Zara 
Neckwear: My creation, 14k gold elephant charm from my granny <3

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Many people keep asking me what the famous “Hamsa hand & evil eye” is, and what is the meaning behind it. The trend became VERY BIG, in a very long period of time. What I mean by this is it’s been out for many years now and with-in the past two or three, has become more of a trend, then an actual meaning!

How Bazar ? 

 The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings it's owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

 The evil eye stares back at the world to ward off the evil spirits and keep you safe from harm.

(Im a Jew-Lic though)

My Jewish grandmother had given me my first Hamsa while we were going through her jewelry a few years back and many of her vintage and gold pieces were handed down to me. She explained the story behind many pieces she had owned and the meanings behind them as well. I was so infatuated with the jewelry, her stories and collections that I started to collect my own. My collections are expanding bigger each year. I love having them because it not only holds a place in my heart, but a very special meaning behind what each of my pieces mean, where I got them from, who got them for me, and why I enjoy them so much. 

Elephants I have bought from places I have been. 
First- Museum of Natural History, Second- Bahamas, and Third- Mexico

I have many other fabulous Buddha'shandselephants, and eyes all in my purpleicious room, so thats why it is impossible to capture each and every one & you probably wouldn't care, but you should!!!

 SO... look forward to them ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pocket Full Of Sunshine

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine!!! Or some really awesome Rachel Roy attire and a great hairdo. She has been one of my favorite designers for a couple of years now, and I basically LOVE every single piece she creates. As you can see, I am wearing a map on my shirt, just incase I get lost, and I have some fabulous deep pockets to store some very handy dandy items in. There’s really not more I can say about this outfit because I think I summed it up in that last sentence. SO enjoy some great pictures of me trying to model and try not to laugh… just admire the clothing, please & thanks ;)


Don't mind the paint on my fingers, I was getting a little crafty... but do admire my legs, along with Vince Camuto heels and my vintage Movado watch my Grandpa had gave to me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ride or Die

Helllllllo NYC, why you so bootyful?! 

What a beautiful weekend it was. Perfect to walk around NYC and even better, to be near the water when the sun is about to set. I love that it wasn't too hot nor to cold, it was honestly wonderful! Wonderful enough to be able to wear jeans, a tee and sandals and not have that horrid city summer attack when you cant breathe, and want to just rip your clothes off and jump in the river! We all know how that feels if you live, or spent your summer in New York. But, most importantly, on this beautiful weekend, I fell in love... with my new Joe’s Jeans & Chaser Brand Tee along with my very trustworthy Versace Sunnies, Urban Outfitter Sandals from 18478379348 years ago & my little buddy LV Clutch

Had to take a break and enjoy the lovely warm and cooling sun on this very green and well trimmed grass 

And then I saw some Street Art... Told you it was a damn good weekend. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wrap Me Up

Oh you fancy... huh?

Today I felt a little fancy and as you can see, got dressed up… for once. I remember the days that I use to get this “decent”, and since I haven’t in a while… I felt dayyyyymn good! After many months of being lazy and not feeling like wearing the massive amount of heels I do own, now I know why I never do___because they K-I-L-L me. After the first three hours of wearing these "feet slaughterers" (BCBGMAXAZRIA), I look like a penguin… on drugs. But besides these lovely things that I am giving no credit too, these are my favorite harem pants (which I own in two colors). They are from BarIII and are the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear on your bottom side. The way they lay, zip and wrap up, I could basically live in them. Since the black pattern was escalating from my shoes to my pants, I figured I would keep the color flowing and that's when I resulted to wear my BCBGMAXAZRIA black blouse. TO DIE FOR, because it matches with errrrrthang! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Everyone…this is my swagged outsneaker fanaticfashionablefilmmakingmusic enthusiast little brother Nick. Yeah, he’s all that and I am more then proud to have him as my brother. To me, he is very inspiring in countless ways that I will only know by being his sister. (He will probably kill me for saying this), but I love him to death! Besides all the love’N, like I said he is a massive sneakerhead and will do anything in his favor to get more shoes. When a new sneaker comes out, he knows months in advance for when that day comes, he is on the computer or at the store purchasing them. I WONDER WHO HE GETS IT FROM ;). Ever since I put this blog up (last week) we’ve wanted to do a post about him and all the sneakers, snapbacks, and clothes he has. 

Here it goes 




Stubbs & Wootton

Usually I have some “abnormal” title to my post, but this one was straight to the chase. Stubbs & Wootton… I first discovered them while extremely bored one day, while I figured I would get out and walk the bootyful streets of Manhattan. I was on Madison Avenue… doing some great window-shopping, when I saw this store filled with plenty of shoes. I stopped, peaked in, and I was in flat heaven. Of course they have other types of shoes other than flats, but after walking through the city, I wanted something striking, comfy and fashionable enough for a day-to-day stroll in the city. I wish that day I actually bought a pair to wear, but what you all don't know is that I am EXTREMELY picky and couldn't pick just one...  Can you?


Recently, I had gone on the Stubbs & Wootton website and found out that you can customize your own pair! How happy can you be now?! I couldn't sit still. I was on that site for about an hour trying to mix and match and customize my own shoe.  Once again, I still cant figure out what I want, so I am still currently deciding on it, but here is a few pairs I have created... their awsomeeeeee! 


Friday, June 8, 2012

Flower Bomb

I really caught myself in a "Flower Power & Polka Dot" crime. Today was a lovely day (British voice), the sun was shining and my butterflies wanted to come out and play... meaning my shoes of course. But my main focus was my new tank/blouse I just recently purchases from Rachel Roy. I CANT GET ENOUGH OF HOW INCREDIBLE THIS SHIRT IS. I saw it last minute before the cashier rung me up, and I had to grab it and buy it. The front is completely knitted with white and beige yarn, and the back is a silk button down. Oxymoron? I think so. I was playing around with different bottoms to wear with this shirt, because hard to believe, I couldn't find anything I liked to wear with it. Then… I came across my charming BCBG polka dot/ ruffled shorts that my whole family seems to love (they really hate them). I truly don't care, I find them irresistible! Of course I have a shoe to match. My jelly Mel butterfly sandals went perfecto and I was more then pleased... then went merely on with my day. 

 Likie my dancie ?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just A Rock'N Shirt

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

Finally the nice weather is returning and its not winter in June anymore, soooooo I broke out some pearly white boyfrann shorts from the GAP, a nice checkered button down shirt from Saks, ancient killer gladiator sandals from Steve Madden, my best friend Louis_ you know where to find him_ and my Beetle sunglasses from my friend Ray & I made my gawgeous mother take some pictures of me. Then I finally went out for the day. Let me tell you, this shirt is my second best friend. It is a die hard basic (for me at least) to go to, throughout the year. I wear it with ANYTHING, such as shorts (as seen in picture) leggings, jeans, or commando... only for the beach because it does go past my thighs so without a doubt, that is definitely appropriate for beachwear. 


Don't you love my eye ring, my mani and my lovely feet? Well I do and they make me happy. My ring is eye-mazz-ing. For real doe its gr8.. ok I'm going to stop. The ring I am wearing I got from TopShop; its a blue eye held by two hands... pretty awesome. And my shoes are from Steve Madden from a thousand years ago that I can't give up because I fell in LOVE. Can't forget my mani, its Essie, called Bangle Jangle... Shmangle.