Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Raining It's Pouring

And I’m taking pictures in the rain... 
smart choice  

While the day started out as everyday should; sun shining, birds chirping… it went sour within a few hours… and the STORM STARTED BREWING.  The perfect time to stay home, cuddle up and watch movies all day. You think right? But no, I’m here running around like a mad man in a skirt and heels taking pictures. Something must be mentally wrong with this picture and or me. So, while I was getting dressed I thought, “what can I wear today” or what was really going through my noodle while picking this outfit was truly, “what looks like rain drops in my closet that will mock this gloomy weather ”.  Ta-da! My skirt recapped the image of raindrops, my shirt give the impression of being a rainfall, and for my shoes… they had no meaning behind them, they just looked sexy. And to set the mood straight, I went outside as the rain stopped, grabbed my umbrella, snapped a few pictures, and of course it started to downpour with-in five minutes. This calls for the lack of photos and dramatic posing that was done while captivating these snap shots. Job Well Done, Check. 

Who wants to hear where the clothes came from: ME ME ME !!!

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