Friday, June 29, 2012

Back To The Basics

_Some great affordable basics for your everyday_

We all do it, we all buy basics because we know we need them. Hard part is, it’s difficult to come across some great everyday basics without spending a fortune. Are the garments fitting you like your wearing your dads oversized tee or your grandma’s button down shirt? And I am sure we all don't want to look like that... and if you do, go ahead, no ones stopping you. For myself personally, I know I don't want to look like a shmo, so I take a little more time searching for “just the right” pieces that I enjoy, and would like to share them with you.

Feel flattered.

When we think of basics, American Apparel comes to mind. Their vast selection of merchandise in various solid colors, strips, and multi colored garments are always a go-to when you have a specific piece of clothing in mind. I can honestly say I love going there for some great basics, such as their one-piece bodysuits, sweaters and especially their leggings! 
The GAP is another great place I care for and go to for great worthy undergarments and clothing. I recently found love for their bras. They are fun, sexy, comfortable and they hold in your goodies for dear life… and wont let them go! Besides the wonders of the undergarments, their tees and sweaters are another asset. For myself, I like the boyish feel of a baggy tee and at the Gap they have great movable tees that I usually get a size up to get my manish feel. (As seen above)
Zara, one of my all time desired places to shop basics but more on a trendy level. Recently this year Zara opened up a new store on 5th Ave., and let me tell you, I won’t shop at any other. This is the most organized and cleanest one I have ever been in, and it has EVERYTHING. You can find anything you long for, especially great hip basics from a detailed blouse - to a plain tank. I am more then happy with their merchandise selection. 

Bloomingdales: Jean department. I know I promised “affordable” basics but this is an exception. When I do buy jeans, the only ones that flatter my tush are designer. How lucky am I?  Just not my wallet.  Ones I tend to gravitate to most are Joes Jeans, J Brand, Hudson and Seven… just to name a few. I believe that the best jeans are made out of the best material and quality; therefore spend the money if it last you a very long time! 

Great analysis, don't you think?


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