Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wrap Me Up

Oh you fancy... huh?

Today I felt a little fancy and as you can see, got dressed up… for once. I remember the days that I use to get this “decent”, and since I haven’t in a while… I felt dayyyyymn good! After many months of being lazy and not feeling like wearing the massive amount of heels I do own, now I know why I never do___because they K-I-L-L me. After the first three hours of wearing these "feet slaughterers" (BCBGMAXAZRIA), I look like a penguin… on drugs. But besides these lovely things that I am giving no credit too, these are my favorite harem pants (which I own in two colors). They are from BarIII and are the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear on your bottom side. The way they lay, zip and wrap up, I could basically live in them. Since the black pattern was escalating from my shoes to my pants, I figured I would keep the color flowing and that's when I resulted to wear my BCBGMAXAZRIA black blouse. TO DIE FOR, because it matches with errrrrthang! 

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