Saturday, June 23, 2012

50 Shades of Blue

Feeling hot hot hot !

Since yesterday was about a zillion degrees outside, what else would you wear in this heat wave we had in New York? I knew I was wearing close to nothing so I wouldn't sweat... but what I didn't know WAS THAT... walking from the house to the car was going to break a tremendous sweat. I'm talking about when you just finished going for a run and the sweat is dripping down your body. Wasn't aware this type of miracle could occur in about 10 steps and 10 seconds. 

I did try to mentally prepare myself from leaving my air conditioned house, to actually having to walk out the house, to get into an air conditioned car. SO, with that in mind, I wanted to choose the lightest and most baring (non whore attempted) clothing I could possible put on my body. Oh and did I mention comfortable too, that its not sticking to you? According to my mother, I don't choose the right undergarments to wear with my clothing, little does she know I don't care (sorry ma) 
and miiii likeyyyyy!!! At least my bum isn't hanging out...  

Shorts: BarIII, Top: Cecico, Bra: Gap (THEY HAVE GREAT UNDERGARMENTS) Sandals: Zara 
Neckwear: My creation, 14k gold elephant charm from my granny <3

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