Friday, June 8, 2012

Flower Bomb

I really caught myself in a "Flower Power & Polka Dot" crime. Today was a lovely day (British voice), the sun was shining and my butterflies wanted to come out and play... meaning my shoes of course. But my main focus was my new tank/blouse I just recently purchases from Rachel Roy. I CANT GET ENOUGH OF HOW INCREDIBLE THIS SHIRT IS. I saw it last minute before the cashier rung me up, and I had to grab it and buy it. The front is completely knitted with white and beige yarn, and the back is a silk button down. Oxymoron? I think so. I was playing around with different bottoms to wear with this shirt, because hard to believe, I couldn't find anything I liked to wear with it. Then… I came across my charming BCBG polka dot/ ruffled shorts that my whole family seems to love (they really hate them). I truly don't care, I find them irresistible! Of course I have a shoe to match. My jelly Mel butterfly sandals went perfecto and I was more then pleased... then went merely on with my day. 

 Likie my dancie ?

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