Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ride or Die

Helllllllo NYC, why you so bootyful?! 

What a beautiful weekend it was. Perfect to walk around NYC and even better, to be near the water when the sun is about to set. I love that it wasn't too hot nor to cold, it was honestly wonderful! Wonderful enough to be able to wear jeans, a tee and sandals and not have that horrid city summer attack when you cant breathe, and want to just rip your clothes off and jump in the river! We all know how that feels if you live, or spent your summer in New York. But, most importantly, on this beautiful weekend, I fell in love... with my new Joe’s Jeans & Chaser Brand Tee along with my very trustworthy Versace Sunnies, Urban Outfitter Sandals from 18478379348 years ago & my little buddy LV Clutch

Had to take a break and enjoy the lovely warm and cooling sun on this very green and well trimmed grass 

And then I saw some Street Art... Told you it was a damn good weekend. 

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