Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just A Rock'N Shirt

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

Finally the nice weather is returning and its not winter in June anymore, soooooo I broke out some pearly white boyfrann shorts from the GAP, a nice checkered button down shirt from Saks, ancient killer gladiator sandals from Steve Madden, my best friend Louis_ you know where to find him_ and my Beetle sunglasses from my friend Ray & I made my gawgeous mother take some pictures of me. Then I finally went out for the day. Let me tell you, this shirt is my second best friend. It is a die hard basic (for me at least) to go to, throughout the year. I wear it with ANYTHING, such as shorts (as seen in picture) leggings, jeans, or commando... only for the beach because it does go past my thighs so without a doubt, that is definitely appropriate for beachwear. 


Don't you love my eye ring, my mani and my lovely feet? Well I do and they make me happy. My ring is eye-mazz-ing. For real doe its gr8.. ok I'm going to stop. The ring I am wearing I got from TopShop; its a blue eye held by two hands... pretty awesome. And my shoes are from Steve Madden from a thousand years ago that I can't give up because I fell in LOVE. Can't forget my mani, its Essie, called Bangle Jangle... Shmangle. 

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