Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nike Blues

So, yea… I’ve been having this sort of Nike allure for quite sometime now. Like I will go shopping and wind up leaving with more Nike merchandise then actual real clothes. I’m talking shoes, socks, headbands, shirts, sweatshirts, bras, pants, shorts, etc etc etc… the list goes on, and I wonder why I wear my workout clothing more then my real clothing. NOT that I’m saying it's a bad thing… because it is not, I really am a Nike Addict. My excitement now days is going into Nike Town or the Nike store and trying on everything I can get my hands on and buying more sneakers then I actually need. I don't care; I love it and most likely will keep continuing purchasing my favorite sports brand.

Outfit: ATTENTION - do not mind my award facial expressions and my water mark on my shirt, I was rushing to get to my Boxfit class and clearly didn't keep the water in the sink. 

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