Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summa Sneaks

Usually, summer underestimates the fact that all closed shoes are NOT to be worn and that they are meant to be stored away for winter, while the summer sandals, heels and opened toed shoes come out to be seen once again. But honestly, what’s the big deal to spice up your outfit and depart from the optimistic summer sandal and wear a pair of sneakers instead? This winter was so harsh to my feet, that near the middle to end of it, I bought so many comfortable yet stylish sneaks to wear while walking around the city; can I just say how amazing my feet felt and how different my outfit looked from transitioning from boots to sneaks. So why can't you do the same for summer? I found really great, funky, colorful and exciting sneakers to hype up your summer apparel! Try some out, I know I am. 

1. Jeffrey Campbell : $89.95
2. Neon Lepord Vans: $50 
6. Kenzo : $294
9. Nike Running Sneaker : $100  

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