Monday, May 27, 2013

6 Summer Essentials


For summer, or really any season, it is always a good idea to have a few essential pieces in your closet that you can use and go to throughout the season. We all know we have those few main pieces that we wear each week, every year that we just can’t give up. These pieces always tie together with a lot of the garments you own, plus its always good to have a few items to turn too when in doubt you can’t figure out what to wear, with what and its just so plain and simple it just makes your outfit. I picked some reasonable and stylish basics that could work with anything in your summer wardrobe, check it out.

How can you go wrong with a basic tank. GOES WITH EVERYTHING!

2. TopShop Shorts: $56.00
Denim shorts... do I really have to explain?

3. Joie Sandal: $115
Perfect white slip on sandal, goes with almost everything. Its simple, stylish and has a unique twist. Just slip them on and your out!

Everyone needs a statement sunnie, spend a few extra bucks if you know you are always going to rely on your sunglasses and also keep them in good condition, its worth the bucks! Trust me...

Don't you also need a statement suit for summer? uh YES. With this swimsuit you can mix and match with solid bottoms or tops... everyone owns solid colored swimsuit, so why not buy something with color! 

6. Furla Bag: $248
Perfect summer bag, light and airy and RUBBER! You can bring it anywhere with you and if it gets sandy or dirty all you have to do it wipe it down... you don't have to worry about ruining a perfectly expensive bag. 

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