Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Side Boob

We all are familiar and are exposed to the infamous side boob trend. If it’s the full exposure, the lace bra or some other type of contraption you are wearing, it is happening. As for myself, I love it, but there are some rules to live by if you want to pull this off right, while not looking like you want everyone to see yah boob.   

1.   WEAR A BRA: if it is lace, a solid, striped, pattern, etc, it must be worn. Going bra-less isn’t somewhat attracting unless it is not an open side shirt. If your shirt is closed on all sides and you can go bra-less DO IT UP, if your shirt has very low openings on the side, cover those girls up!

2.   WEAR SOMETHING THAT FITS/ COVERS: my parents hate this trend, but I think it looks really good if it is worn properly. Long story short, some girl in one of my classes wore a very open sided shirt and she has very large watermelons… her bra was 10x to small to hold them and they were hanging out EVERYWHERE… don't be that girl.

3.   MAKE IT LOOK GOOD: you can make this trend fall into two categories, slutty or not slutty (lol, I know). But really, covering yourself up to the right exposure will definitely help you pull this trend off, especially if you dress it up with a nice skirt and a low back or side… phenomenal. 

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