Monday, May 20, 2013


Sometimes you just want to say, F*CK YOU to someone and then everything just seems to be a lot better. Or, if you are too reserved or not as ballsy as many others, you can wear what you feel on your shirt and hope that the people you want to actually say something too, realize this verbal text is toward them in the most polite way possible. OH! How much I love my graphic tees, they just show how thrilled I am to actually be wearing something I wish I could say to others or possibly how I feel or the best - what is going through my mind on an every day basis – OR - EVEN BETTER, just some random saying plastered on my chest “just because I can”. (last one is the winnnna winnnaa) Some people just need to get the damn hint. Not really going to say much more about this subject or I’ll wind up naming a few… L O L jk - N O T 

Tank : Featherhearts 

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