Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kick My Arse

When I get something new, I cant help but to exaggerate it to the point where I either wear it more times then I should, then eventually wear it out. (So I have been told from my bf) Hearing that I do this with everything I own, I am trying my hardest to not ruin my new beauties. (Nike Dunks) I know I just did a post about my new kicks, resulting in my explanation right above, but I figured that since today was my first day back at school, I wanted to wear something new and sought out to wearing my kicks. I mean, this is only the second time I put them on so it doesn't hurt, right? But I am truly obsessed and in love and have all the right to be able to wear whatever I want, how many times I want, resulting in who gives a sh*t, there is always new things to buy each and every day. I'll be over them in the future.  
so kewl dude 

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