Monday, January 14, 2013

New Found Glory

For all you Yoga & Pilates lovers like myself, look what I just found, screamed, called my mom over to see then thought, "maybe these been out more then I think they are a new found glory". But I just watched a video on the Nike website, and realized I was actually right and they are new and I NEED them, asap! They are so incredibly awesome, giving you a barefoot feel but providing you with protection and support while you are doing your work out. We all know how it is to go to your yoga or pilates class and having to take off your shoes, and during the class you go through the hassle of slipping or not being as balanced or supported as you wish you were. Well these Nike Studio Wraps were designed just for that. They are a three foot system of barefoot feel, then including the wrap then after the protection. Seriously, the sickest thing I have found in a while. CHECK IT OUT. Cant wait to purchase! 

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