Sunday, January 27, 2013


Say hello to my new favorite sneakers, Nike Dunk Sky High Wedges. You are so b_e_a_utiful to me. Been contemplating if I really wanted these, or really really wanted these. So I came to the conclusion that I really really really wanted these so I did what I do best, and bought them. We all see wedge sneakers everywhere and a lot of major designers are also selling them, but what really caught my attention was these Nike Wedge Dunks. Since I have been in dying need of new shoes, but more like cool sneakers that I could actually wear on a day to day basis, these really pushed me into buying them. Not only are they dope, but they also give my sneaker a little more of a feminine look adding the wedge inside. I can finally rock some Nikes without feeling like a boy... super excited... Yes, excited. 

Wearing: Pants&Hat: H&M - Shoes: Nike - Jacket: Marc New York Bag: Coach 

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