Friday, January 25, 2013

Denim Selfie Day

Super aggravating/ annoying/ failure/ desperate/ most unsuccessful day I had shopping. You know when you get all your sh*t together and are amped up to take on the day to finally buy some new things because your in desperate exaggerating need of new clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, things you don't need but really do need, and other crap you need. Well that was my plan and it totally failed, Im talking about not getting one thing I needed in the hours I spent looking. We all know how ridiculous that feels when you know what you want and cant find not one thing while basically wasting your day. So yea... that was my lovely day I had and instead of being upset I figured why not take some pictures in the fitting rooms... as you can see I had a massive denim day (which that was my main goal to buy). I left Bloomies a very nice present in the dressing room (see picture below, below). Sorry not sorry that you have nothing I like. - See you in a few months... 

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