Monday, January 7, 2013

Grand Cayman Vacation

I am back in NY and it feels so good! Even though it felt 100X better far far away, on a tropical island, in the middle of winter, in 90 degree weather, on a boat, getting a crispy tan... 10 days was enough and I am thrilled to be back home. This was my first time to the Grand Cayman Islands, and for you who do not know where this island is located, it is south of Cuba and West of Jamaica. So all together it was a hell of a trip down, but a very small and cozy island to explore. During my time there I had many days relaxing at our private beach, while also visiting endless beaches. I also had my first experience swimming with the Dolphins and Turtles, snorkeling, holding tropical Birds, and taking a boat to the middle of the ocean to swim and touch Stingrays. Overall, I had a very adventurous and brave vacation and would love to go back and visit again. My advice is, when you go to an island that you have never been to or even have gone before, definitely explore and do as much as you can while there. I will admit, some days I just wanted to sit on the beach and just relax all day, but once I was brought out to experience and explore what the island had to offer, I enjoyed my trip even more and will always remember what I have done.

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