Sunday, August 19, 2012


When reality hit, and I didn't like it... was when I turned 20 
and that's when I learned, this book was written for me to survive. 

While going through some mid-life early twenties crisis, I have learned a lot about this god forsaken world we live in. You know when your parents always said, "wait till reality hits, then you'll see"... well reality smacked me in the damn face, kicked me in the ass, pulled my hair, poked my eyes out and produced several tears, which I want to drown the world in. So, being in my early mid-life crisis, I took up reading. Want to know why? Because it takes my mind away from reality and puts it in some really messed up world where you wished you lived in rather then busting your ass everyday and pretending you're this really glamours princess. Now, this shit that is going through my mind puts several crap in my head to push me to start reading and then I came to figure that I actually enjoyed it. Like for real? Who knew a book would be so damn good. If it actually is good then your lucky and if it is not, don't waste your time. Anyway, to make the story longer, this is when I found myself in Barnes and Nobel, staring at this book that starting with the most fabulous word... F*CK.

Read Books. 

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