Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Of Trying On

Hey, how are yah? Then again, I will never know. But to let you know, I am fine. Thanks, I went on a little adventure this past week trying on clothes that I want to buy, wasn't sure if I should, but really wanted to. Reason why, because Fall is approaching but summer is still here kicking my ass. While I could be inside dreaming about layers, layers, plaid, pants, layers and boots, I still have to worry about what's outside; heat heat and more HEAT. So, I stopped in Zara to see their new Fall apparel and got way too excited and started to snatch everything from the racks. This is how I wound up with this mash of an outfit. This was not planned but then it happened. I fell in love, and now I want Fall here now.  

(LOLing at my art work)

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