Friday, August 31, 2012

How I Feel For No Reason ...

Y SO CEREAL? (serious)

You may be thinking, are those MC hammer pants? and the reason for me saying you may be thinking that is because I already had received comments of that sort and I seriously would love for not one more person to say this to me or else something terrible will occur... Im cereal about this. YES everyone, I stole them from MC Hammer himself... there harem pants geniuses. KIDDING KIDDING, don't take it to offense but I truly am loving this outfit. One day, after class I had all the time in the world so I figured I would use that time to do the one thing that I know how to do best. Spend money on much needed items. So, while strolling along 5th I decided to go into one of my favorite stores Zara and check out their knew merchandise. I don't know about anyone else, but I cant be shopping for sweaters, jackets, leather pants and boots while it is still 100 degrees outside, and that is what the store was stocked up on. I enjoyed looking at all the new items for this upcoming fall, but I was nowhere near trying them on and purchasing them just yet. This is when I came across some really dope, pleated, zippered harem pants and this great ballerina skull graphic tee. Perfect for transitioning from WAY TO HOT, to hot, to warm, to a little cooler, too still hot but comfortable enough to wear pants and a tee. LOVED this look together that I just had to buy them both. Considering I had about three other pairs of harem pants but in all different styles, I loved the light suede effect with the gold zipper down the side of your ankle on these exact pants. Now that you know the whole story, I paired the top and bottom with Sam Edelman sandals, Louis Vuitton clutch and some of my own personal gold jewels. Now... it was time for a lovely night in NYC.

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