Saturday, August 18, 2012

So girly _ Yet so not


That's what I was saying to myself while attempting to skateboard. A matter of fact, I’m pretty damn good that I was amazed for not falling on my tush and actually staying on the board. Who knew? It’s pretty addicting… till you get tired and thats when sitting on the board and rolling around turns cool. That was my main goal of the shoot… to take pictures on my brothers’ board. My original idea was to stand there pretending to actually skate, but I was so eager to try it, and that is were these entertaining photos come from (thanks to my little brother nick) for snapping the pictures for me. My one-piece romper from American Apparel came in handy. It's comfortable, lightweight, and so easy to move around in. Perfect for skating, I learned. Of course the cons rocked my feet and the Versace shades made me look like a badass… well, that's what I believe. I wore my vintage Movado. Perfect assemble and too much fun.  My dog joined the party, his name is Bull… he’s awesome. Skateboard. Bye. 

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