Thursday, August 23, 2012

How far is TOO far ?

Oh Lord 

Recently, I've been going through this phase of "hair cuts" and what cut I should get next. Since my mane doesn't choose to make me happy and grow long (in a fast period of time), I need a new do... and fast. Scanning various cuts, styles, long, fake, short, too short, way to short, or boy cut. How far is TOO far to go? Thats what I am asking myself and also trying to answer since no one else's opinion matters to me because it is MY hair and I have to live with any decision I make. Unfortunately. I pray to all the gods that there was a button you can press, like Jimmy Neutrons mechanical hair machine, to create any hairstyle you want. From short to long to long to short to mohawk to mermaid hair to no hair to some hair... yea you understand. My question is, did Miley go to far? or did she just set a new trend. Lets find out. 

rawr rawr 

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