Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh My Men

     Well, Hello Thurrrrr

We all know my love for A$VP Rocky and all, but what this post is really about is sexy men all around the globe. Not only focusing on their manly appearances... but its their style that grabs my attention and then automatically makes me fall into a deeper feeling of love. Hey, if you find a man who looks good AND who can dress good, it’s like a win/win on your part with an extra WHO-RAH! For real, I’ m not lying. Anyway, while reading blogs, watching music videos, interning, walking the streets of NY, or just flipping through a magazine, I have been obsessing over menswear for quite some time. It could also be having a little brother, a boyfriend and best male friend who are all just as fashionable as myself… their style rubs off on me… more then you can imagine. So, once and a while I break out some menswear turned womenswear and see how I feel about wearing it. Sometimes the outcome is great because I feel like a real G, and other times I just look like my male companions. You make the judgments or just keep them to yourself. BTW... its all about leather, army print, baggy, loose, geometrical, high top, colorful, drape making, layering apparel. Got that? Here's are just a few... 

Can you say... Mash up of totally different styles that can totally be rocked together------ YES. 

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