Monday, July 29, 2013

Gym Bag Alert

(everything mixed together minus the other millions of things stashed) 

Since I have been doing various gym posts, I figured why not do a post about gym bags? In the past year, I have been addicted and drawn to having my gym bag with me at all times during my workouts because it is important to have the right accessories, equipment and tools you need in the various workouts you are doing. For instance, for myself I box and do CrossFit. For those workouts I need to have many different items in my gym bag. Usually I just carry everything all at once in my bag, but recently I have been taking things out and putting other items in.

BOXING: In my bag I carry the most important two accessories -> Gloves & Wraps. I try and keep them tidy and neat (but that never happens). But you do have to keep up with them because they tend to hold on to your sweat, then later on smell (yes, so lady like... I know) but there's nothing you can do about it but to keep them maintained, washed and neatly stored. TIP- for my boxing gloves, I keep a dryer sheet in there to mask the smell, and honestly it really does the trick!!! and for my wraps, I wash them very frequently in the sink with detergent, then lay them outside to dry. 

CROSSFIT: In my bag I carry more then I could think of. I have a jump rope, tape, bandages, shaker, towel, extra clothes, different shoes, calf compressions, ankle brace... I could continue. Reason being, you kick ASS, not literally but you are accomplishing more then you could ever imagine.. and that requires a lot of tears, blood and sweat (hence the towel, tape, bandages & extra items). I'm exaggerating a little but really, after you have completed your warm up then your WOD (workout of the day) you are completely dripping in sweat (towel), your hands are all torn up (tape) and you are exhausted and need your shake and water right after. Honestly, its totally worth it. 

All together I make sure I have plenty of water, a head band for my messy hair, a towel for when I am dripping in sweat, my protein shake post workout (I use Recovery Progenex Tropical Vanilla Protein, LOVE) and whatever else I think of, including my wallet, keys, Chapstick, phone, headphones, etc, it's all part of the game. And to top it off, I LOVE MY GYM BAG. Why not have a stylish bag, along with your stylish workout clothes and gear. Got to keep your fashion in check no matter what! loljk, no really. 

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