Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Your Perfect Workout Sneaker

What is your personal favorite sneaker to wear while going to the gym? Is it Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, etc? Depending on what you are doing, for example running, training, lifting, boxing and so on, the shoe really does matter. For myself, I wear my Nikes for training, boxing and everyday wear, my Asics for running (of course) and Reeboks & Adidas for Crossfit training & lifting. There are many different types of sneakers to wear for the style of workout you are performing. They are prepared for comfort, support, stability, flexibility, lightweight, breathable, cushioned and many more descriptions of what you favor in a shoe. I prefer light, supportive, flexible and the most comfortable sneaker I can find for each of my various workouts throughout the week. Wearing the right sneaker for the workout it is suitable for makes a huge difference in your performance and are worth every penny you put into it. I love my workout gear and believe that spending the money on items you know you are going to wear and use (like my sneakers and apparel for the gym) is worth it when you know your going to get the use out of it and your moneys worth! So go out there and find the sneaker that is perfect for you and your own weekly workout routines. 

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  1. Nike Free 5.0 (black) one of my favorite. The Solano which is much comfortable and made by good ingredients.More about The Solano just click here.