Thursday, October 23, 2014

Been Ready For Fall

Summer was amazing, but Fall has its perks! New clothes, closed shoes, fun activities, and lots of layers! Slip-on sneakers have been my new favorite item of this past year, especially pairing them with a great straight leg jean. My struggle to find a great jean is real, especially when you have a booty and some muscular legs, going jean shopping or clothes shopping overall accumulates a lot of patience and time. My outcome to going jean shopping always results in a trip to Bloomingdales, where you can try on as many jeans as you want from several different brands they carry. One of my favorite brands is J Brand, they are always super light weight, stretchy, and form great to my shape. I like jeans that aren’t thick in layers because it makes you look bulky and also restricts your movement and I need something that will last me throughout the day in comfort and in style.

With this, I wore my new favorite ‘Pins and Needles’ sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters, also another comfortable go-to piece of mine and another is my snakeskin textured slip-on sneakers from the Gap. I went through hell and back to find these beauties in the neutral color, they sold out so fast that I checked the website everyday to find my size and as soon as they were up I snatched them! Comfort is key and also feeling good about what you are wearing. Your style reflects who you are and how you feel so always be true to yourself and you’ll always feel and look your best!

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