Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Comfort to Casual

Comfort is my best friend. Being involved in fashion since finding it an interest of mine at a young age, to attending pre-college classes, and in fact completing a four year bachelors degree at LIM College, I always thought that I had to look my best day in and day out. Within the years of being inspired by Manhattan culture, working countless internships and jobs, meeting many fascinating people, and reading various fashion blogs, I have learned that everyone has there own way of expressing themselves, no matter if you think they look good or not. You tend to realize and interpret what makes them feel most comfortable through their own appearance, and if you're like me and take in inspiration for positivity, change, and thought, you will then find yourself in their position and find happiness for yourself. I am not saying that I was never comfortable with what I wore or how I felt, but from high school to being a college graduate, A LOT had changed over the past four years that you sometimes need to revaluate yourself and accept it, because change is good.  

Overall, I love comfort. The days of wearing pants you can’t move in, shirts that are to short, and shoes that destroy your feet are over. I am more aware of what I put on my body, what looks right, what feels right and what I can get through the day with depending on what I have scheduled. With this, I love athletic gear. Anything stretchy, breathable, light weight and provides 100% comfort I am all for, especially since I go to the gym 5 days a week, I like to incorporate my leggings, sneakers, and tops into an everyday approach. Here I have on Lululemon leggings, my new Adidas Pure Boost, and my new Urban Outfitters crew neck sweatshirt. I tend to wear a lot of athletic attire when I am on the go, and it's a great transition from running errands and then making it to the gym!

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