Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1 Skirt - 3 Ways

1 skirt... 3 ways, are you ready for this? If your not, too bad and if you are, good job. Im excited to show you my new favorite skirt from Zara and how I had a lot of fun playing around with mix and matching pieces from my wardrobe into these 3 looks. Cool Cool. 


I had too much fun with this one, I wore a Zara Printed Bird Tank with a Zara Printed Floral Skirt (new fav) along with Vince Camuto Heels. I enjoy mix and matching different prints and colors that somewhat coordinate along with one another but also catch you off guard. Put some funk into your outfit! As for Jewels I have on a White Gold Michele Watch and a Purple and Gold Coach Bangle, also my new purple diamond Star Of David. 


With this look, I wanted to make it more cas-u-alllll, so I added a Lime Green Gap button down shirt, along with the same Zara Printed Floral Skirt, oldie but my favorite Zara Wedges, a Michael Kors Wrap Watch and RayBans. POP POP POP some color and add a twist! or in my case a huge obnoxious bun. 

LOOK # 3

OK OK OK ,,, okokok, I know what your thinking. Actually I don't, but I sport-ta-fied this look and added my favorite shoes in my wardrobe, NIKE FREE 5.0! Took this look 10 notches down and added a few of my new favorite and most comfortable pieces. "Hey Babe, Your A Babe, Babe", yea thats right, thats what my muscle (gym) tank says. Obviously I am wearing the same skirt, a necklace and FLEXED a little. Enjoy. 

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