Saturday, December 22, 2012

Burgundy Pants

Burgundy Pants, oh how much fun you are to wear. I never usually wear colored pants but once I found and tried these on,  I loved these new H&M leather button pants. Great staple piece in my wardrobe for winter, considering they match with a lot of colors I own. This time I mixed and matched colors and paired these burgundy pants along with my favorite Michael Kors blue button down, tie dye blouse. This is one of my favorite shirts I own. I bought this a few years back before I was going away on vacation and I thought the pattern and beaded breast was perfect for my trip to the Caribbean... and true fact it was and has been ever since! You cant really see my shoes since I have been mirror shooting my pictures, but on my feet are Sam Edelman Snakeskin flats. Of course on my wrist I threw on a few gold bracelets and was outtie.

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  1. love it! Happy New Year!