Monday, March 17, 2014

Transitioning Seasons: Style Guide

Winter/Spring Transitioning

Transitioning seasons may not be all that easy, especially when it’s 50 degrees one day and 20 degrees the next. Lets get real, we all develop confusion on how to use our winter garments that we have been wearing for a few months now and when that 50 degree day approaches us, we have to find a way to dress a little less layered and use our winter wardrobe to start thinking ahead for spring. But until that day comes and we are actually ready to go out and shop for the warmer weather, lets break down a few simple tricks for our wardrobe in which we all stay somewhat calm while waiting for spring to FINALLY spring ahead and arrive! 

I took a simple everyday boyfriend jean and a great loose blouse, which your can wear for either winter or spring and used accessories to transition those 50 to 20 degree days! For our current winter days, there’s nothing more on our mind then layering, bundling and staying warm. With this, I paired the outfit with a mustard wool coat, because even though we all have the winter blues, there is no reason why we can’t throw some color into our wardrobe to spice things up! I had a little fun with color and added this fabulous plum fur hat, black closed heel booties and a great big dark bag to have all your winter essentials in hand. For spring, I tossed the heavy gear and added more light accessories, such as a tailored leather coat, a smaller trendier bag, a chic pair of open toe neutral heel booties and sunnies for those sunny days ahead!

Have fun with your transitioning! If you’re out and about shopping or just browsing for spring basics, keep these tactics in mind, opt for merchandise in which you can mix and match and wear with multiple items in your wardrobe now, while finding great accessories that will stand out and transition your spring style! 

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