Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Keep IT Simple

We all can admit that we have those days, more frequently then we wish when you just don't know what to wear, you don't want to get dressed and you wished you can wear your pjs – ALL DAY LONG! But in reality, that just wont cut it, so what do you do when this type of day comes about? Do you opt for some active wear, like you just casually went to the gym (or really did) and you want to be comfortable in crops, a loose tee, zipper up and gym sneaks? Do you throw on leggings with a loose shirt, sneakers or boots and look somewhat dressed up? Or do you literally wear sweats then regret it mid-day? What do you wear when you want to keep it simple, yet stylish on those days when you just need-a-break!

Have an easier morning with simple ways to pair garments together to make your outfit comfortable, stylish and simple. Get the ‘natural’ look by not over-accessorizing, not adding to many layers and in the end, you get a light an airy approach to a look that shows that you care, without really trying. I believe the best way you look your finest is when it just comes naturally, then you feel good about yourself and your days become better with confidence and pride. Try these simple and easy tips and see how much easier it is to get dressed in the morning and how much more inspiration, poise and satisfaction you are with your lifestyle.

1. DENIM: When it comes to keeping it plain and simple, you right away think of your 'go-to' piece, jeans. When do you not think of denim when you cant decide what to wear. You can pair anything with your jeans from a sweater (shown above), a button down shirt which is my favorite go-to piece, a hoodie, a t-shirt or a tank. 

2. BUTTON DOWN: My most favorite go-to piece to throw on with denim or leather pants is an oversized button down shirt! Striped, printed or solid there is no wrong in giving your casual, simple look a twist of menswear inspiration.

3. PRINTS: Mixing and matching prints or just wearing them solo is a popular trend that a lot of people are gravitating towards. We all get tired of wearing solid colors and need a pop of color or pattern to spice up our mood. With this said, you can pair you DENIM jeans with a great stripped or pattern top, or if your denim is also printed on, have fun with mixing and matching!

4. LIGHT LAYER: A simple coat or blazer can do the trick when you feel like you need an extra layer, or you really need it for weather conditions. A great items to match with your DENIM, PATTERN OR BUTTON DOWN SHIRT is a trendy blazer or coat while still keeping it simple.

5. GRAPHIC TEE: Theres nothing wrong with a graphic tee, Mens or Women's you can't go wrong with wanting to feel a little 'Bad Ass' and wear your favorite artist, saying or character on your chest for the world to notice. 

6. RUNNING SNEAKERS: Who else is more then thrilled that running shoes are absolutely in and you can wear them with about anything! I really enjoy wearing my trainers as much as I can, due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable, easy to navigate with and definitely give your outfit a twist, there are more pros then cons with them! 

7. JOGGERS: Alternative to sweats? HELL YEA! Dress it up, dress it down, no matter what its going to look good if you do it right. Definitely wear your trainers or trendy sneakers, a look tee, tank or sweater and if you need a light coat, go for it. Nice and sporty look to keep your day afloat. 

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