Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm having this new obsession with a mixture of great dull winter colors. Keeping it simple without going color-crazed definitely defines my type of style. I'm not a big fan of mixing too many colors together, I like to keep it simple while incorporating some great accessories. For the winter, I'm a HUGE junky of oversized hats, gloves and scarves while also having my sunnies, watches and jewelry to accompany them depending on how much I have on already. For this post, I mixed and matched garments I own, with items that I would love to accessorize my outfit with. I always go toward a great pair of leather pants, and with this winter weather a great chunky knit sweater to keep me nice and warm. Along with the outfit, I paired a great knit hat considering I like to go above and beyond what I like to call "hat-age", and currently debating on purchasing this huge pom-pom hat this week. Last week I took a stroll through a few stores on 5th Ave, and wound up finding these great faux fur neon blue jeweled fingerless gloves and the white/gold watch. From head to toe, to keep my toes cozy warm (JK) I am in NEED of these low rise boots (on the christmas list), along with this great zipped grey coat. As you can see, I am enjoying the fine winter yellows, blues, grey and burgundy! 

Pants: H&M 
Shirt & Hat: Gap
Shoes: Senso
Watch: MK
Jacket: Mango
Sunnies: Miu Miu

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