Monday, June 4, 2012

Love is in the air... or on a Motorcycle

(My brothers motorcycle, my toy car, moms monster truck) 

So this past weekend my beautiful mother and I spent some time together, and of course what we end up doing is going to the mall. The place you go to if you want to get yelled at by your father for spending money on more clothes, shoes, and other accessories we do not (YES WE DO) need.  Where else would you spend mother daughter time? Especially when it is raining, your bored, and want to drop a few hundie$$$$$. Anyway, during our time dropping some doe, I found this great graphic tee. Surprisingly, I myself do not wear graphic tees and once I saw this one, for some odd reason, I had to buy it. Maybe at that time I was in a love frenzy and wanted something to express my romantic side, HA.  Or maybe when I wear this tee people would think, "Aw she's a sweet girl". What they don't know is that they are mistaken me for someone else. (JK) I really just love the saying. Its something different and finally I found a graphic tee that I actually can relate to... or finally it is something you wouldn't see on every other girl in this universe with peace signs or crosses all over their chest. I think this is a start for some great graphic tees for my tatas but mostly my wardrobe. 

(mirror pic, how orig) 

The jewelry I wear are some great treasures; which I wear every day. The reason behind this is because two people I love and mean the world to me have given me them so I wear them to keep them with me everywhere I go.  My bracelet is a 14k gold rope chain given to me by my gawgeous mother with a white gold Hamsa hand my man gave me attached to it. Along with my neck comes another gift from my boy. What a sweet fella. Its a rose gold diamond Hamsa hand with a turquoise gem as an evil eye. As you can see I love gold... and diamonds, or just jewelry in general. 

The man is in some deep trouble. 

Oh & this shirts from the Gap : Way to gooooooooo face  

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