Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cover Up


I recently just took a trip to the Bahamas, which is one of my favorite vacation spots to go to. With this, it took many months, weeks and days leading up to what I was going to pack and bring on this fun family getaway in which we were all excited to escape the NYC brutal weather and enter into our most desired place to be. All I had in my closet prior to this trip was all winter clothes, this meant I had to dig into my soon to be summer attire and snatch out a few of my favorite shoes, accessories and apparel that I wanted to bring. This also meant going shopping for some last minute "needs" and "wants" to bring some "new" into this exciting warm weather climate. My main focus at first was to choose which bathing suits, coverups, sandals and accessories I will wear to the pool each and everyday considering 95% of your time is spent in your bathing suit laying by the pool and beach. As for this, I have combined some fun, comfortable, light (because who wants to wear heavy clothing in 80 degree weather) and colorful pieces in which I felt super Caribbean and was totally in my comfort zone. I always opt for looseness!!! Anything loose, flowing and comfortable is my go-to for coverups and dressing in warmer climates. 


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