Monday, October 7, 2013

Electric Run

Months ago, while reading a running magazine, I came across this page that displayed a race that caught my attention, it was called The Electric Run. Wasn't quite sure what this race was about so I researched it and it happened to be a race that took place at night, and your course was lit up by strobe lights of all kinds. I thought it was really cool being able to run at night so I signed up. Also, this race has electro music playing throughout the whole course, how exciting is that, to be able to run and listen to music without any headphones on. Last weekend was the race and it was so much fun! You dress up in all exciting and bright colors, costumes, hats, and glasses and wear as much glowing and lit items as possible and run your thrilling 5k. Each section had a different theme, for it being light up lanterns hanging on trees, a tunnel lit while you run through it, a section with electro music playing while a fountain shoots water to the beat and so much more. It was a blast.

My Mother, Me and My Best Friend
Wearing: Nike spandex, Nike Frees & Nike Dry-Fit 

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