Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guess Who?

Looking forward to showing you my new out of the blue "mystery" shoe I found and purchased today!

STORY: While on my way to class today, I was passing a few stores, browsing the windows and while doing so knowing that I had a final in an hour and I wanted to get to class early to review and be on time... little did I know, I was going to pass this store and that something in the window was going to catch my attention and I suddenly hesitated and headed inside to check it out. I never been inside this store before and didn't know what to expect. While glancing at everything I could catch in eyes on, I suddenly saw these shoes and headed toward them knowing I had to try them on. Usually I double and triple think over something before I purchase but I LOVED these shoes instantly and was settling between two colors with many employees opinions. Perfect day to spot these beauties because not only did I need them, they went PERFECT with what I was wearing. Long story short, I bought them, I wore them out the store, I made it on time for my final and everyone in my class were drooling over them... and they were STUNNED by where I purchased them.

You will soon find out what they look like, where I got them and why they were such a steal! 

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